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Welcome, Teer Result Today users. On this page, we will keep you Updated about Teer Result List Online Khanapara, Juwai, Shillong Guwahati Teer result. We also provide teer common numbers which are made by using a certain formula. Teer lottery dream number which is based on the dream is also available here. Teer result online is updated on the regular basis so stay in touch with us to get the result on time. You can check the Teer previous result to predict the future teer results.

Teer Lottery History 

Teer is named after the Hindi word which has the meaning of an “arrow”. It is the daily activity of the people in different states of India. In this teer lottery game, you have to choose a random number between 1-99, the archer throws the arrow at the target and if the last two digits of the number of arrows that hits the target matches with the number that you have got you are the winner. The game is player 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday.

Teer Result Today

Teer result Shillong Today


First Round(3:45 PM)
Second Round(4:45 PM)

Teer result Khanapara Today



First Round (3:50 PM) Second Round (4:25 PM)

Teer result Juwai Today



First Round (2:15 PM) Second Round (2:45 PM)

Shillong teer night

You can also get Shillong teer night updates from us on regular basis. All kind of updates related to Shillong Teer night is given here. Shillong teer hit numbers, Shillong teer night 2 results are also given below. You can also get the Thai lottery result today from us.

Shillong Teer Night Result 



First Round(8:15 PM)Second Round(9:15 PM)

Shillong Teer Night 2 Result 



First Round(9:45 PM)Second Round(10:45 PM)

Manipur Teer Result Today 

We have provided some latest Manipur Teer Result to keep you updated about the Manipur lottery. Check the below table for Manipur teer results.



First Round (3:30 PM)Second Round (6:00 PM)

All the details related to teer lottery are updated here on the regular basis just keep following us and get the latest information related to teer lottery.

Teer Hit No

A lot of people search about the teer hit no. This Manipur teer hit no, Shillong teer hit no, Khanapara teer hit no, Juwai teer hit no are just like dream number/common number which can be lucky for you for a single day. We daily provide the This Manipur teer hit no, Shillong teer hit no, Khanapara teer hit no, Juwai teer hit no so check them out from both the teer common number and teer dream number pages.

Teer formula

You can predict the teer results by just following a simple formula given below. This formula is really easy you just need to add few numbers. To win the teer game follow the given teer mathematical calculation formula.

  1. Collect the previous day results of the desired states.
  2. Sum up the results of both halves. Do the addition calculation from the right-hand side to the left-hand side.
  3. Keep Adding all the numbers until you get a single number at the end.
  4. This is the easiest calculation to win the teer game.

F.A.Qs On Teer Lottery 

Q1. What is Teer Lottery? 

Teer lottery is the most famous lottery game in India in which one buys a number from 0-99. And if the number matches with the winning number one can win unlimited prize money.

Q2. What is Shilling Teer?

Shillong teer is the lottery game played in Shillong which is the capital of Indian state Meghalaya. It is very famous among the citizens of Meghalaya.

Q3. Teer Formula Really Works? 

Yes! it works a lot of times accurately. So you can check your luck with it to win the game. So use it Wisely to get good results.


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