14mz, Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 14MZ User Manual. Get Futaba 14MZ Manual. Get all Futaba manuals! 14MZ. 14 CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM. PCMG3/PCM/FM selectable. INSTRUCTION. Compact Flash (CF) Card Handling Instructions Follow these precautions when handling the CF card included in your 14MZ transmitter. DO NOT allow the.

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Any technical updates and US manual corrections will be available on this web page.

Futaba 14MZ User Manual | pages

Turn on the power of the transmitter. Touch the Mode button and switch to the Offset mode.

In addition to each elevator side moving up and down together, each side moves in opposite directions when moving as an Ailevator.

Throttle cut setting Throttle cut can be performed with one touch by a switch without changing the throttle trim position. Seven swash types are available for helicopters. It is recommended to have your Futaba equipment serviced annually during your hobby’s “off season” to mamual safe operation.

Futaba 14MZ Manuals

In “student mode”, only the teacher side can turn on and off the power of the student’s transmitter. A throttle curve from linear operation curve to smooth curve can be set. Be sure to keep the backup of your mznual data in your CF card.


There are several types of cookies: Operations related to servo speed Servo speed setting 1 The speed at each operation including flight condition switching can be adjusted.

Adjust the auto power off time with the left and right side buttons. Your manual failed to upload Switch reallocation You can reallocate the toggle switches on the shoulders of the transmitter, as you like. Its memory size is 32MB. Curve setting majual This section describes mnual setting procedure of curves which are used with the AFR function and each mixing function. This stylus pen can let you do more precise operation than fingers without damaging the surface.

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This allows for finer and more precise operation, the new potentiometers also offer longer life. Check the frequency shown on the screen. If you tighten both screws, you won’t able to achieve the adjustment that you need because of the overlap of those two adjustments.

Enter your password, using keyboard on the screen.

The servos operate smoothly at a constant speed corresponding to the set speed. Display adjustment and auto power off setting. Press the card cover back and then slide it toward you to close it.

  ISO 10993-3 PDF

You will need to enter your password for changing the user’s name from the next time you turn on the power of the transmitter. Input the eight-digit ID code attached to the receiver’s case. Disconnect the connectors of switches you want to change.

Manua, addition and call Initial setting assigns 1 model to the T14MZ transmitter. Push the button “End” when the frequency setting is completed. Refer to it when setting each function.

Also the speed of the aileron, elevator, and flap servos can be adjusted. Home screen Here is the home screen and its descriptions. Then the User’s Name Set screen will pop up. Backlight power-off time You can set a time period to turn off the LCD backlight. In general, it is recommended to mount the power switch on the side of the fuselage that manuxl opposite the muffler.