View and Download Ford Excursion owner’s manual online. Check fuel cap U Excursion (hdw) Owners Guide (postfmt) USA English. FORD EXCURSION DIESEL OWNERS MANUAL!!! $ Ford Excursion Owners Manual w/ L Power Stroke Diesel Manual – NEW – #P. Ford Excursion Owners Manual; ( Pages) Ford Excursion Owners Manual; ( Pages) Ford Excursion Owners Manual; ( Pages).

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Seating and Safety Restraints Safety belts and seats can become hot in a vehicle that has been closed up in sunny weather; they could burn a small child. Insert the indicator fully, then remove it again. For convenience, the hand-held transmitter of the device may also be used at any time. Removing the jumper cables Remove the jumper cables in the reverse order that they were connected. In a rollover crash, an unbelted person is significantly more likely to die than a person wearing a safety belt.

Page Maintenance and Specifications 3. Page Seating and Safety Restraints The tether strap anchors in your vehicle are in the following positions shown from top view: Pull the lap belt portion across the child seat toward the buckle and pull up on the shoulder belt while pushing down with your knee on the child seat.

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Refer to Air bag readiness section in the Instrument Cluster chapter. Distributes outside air through the windshield defroster and floor vents. If no leaks are apparent, reset the switch by pushing in on the reset button. Maintenance and Specifications Add ml 8 oz. Make sure the corresponding lights illuminate or illuminate briefly. Remove the bulb socket from lamp assembly and pull the bulb straight out. Don’t show manusl this message again.


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Page Seating and Safety Restraints One time disable Any time the safety belt is buckled and then unbuckled during an ignition ON cycle, the BeltMinder will be disabled for that ignition cycle only.

Page Seating and Safety Restraints Safety belts and seats can become hot in a vehicle that has been closed up in sunny weather; they could burn a small child.

The customer warranty may be void for any damage to the emissions system if such a PCV valve is not used. Page Add fluid to fill the ownerss if the level is low.

Use of these systems may result in vehicle starting problems and a loss of security protection. When pressed, the playing audio will mute excurison while the next chapter is accessed. Seating and Safety Restraints Failure to inspect and if necessary replace the safety belt assembly under the above conditions could result in severe personal injuries in the event of a collision. Remove the air filter element from the open end of the air filter housing.

Page 72 Driver Controls 2.


Rear Seat Entertainment System Due to technical incompatibility, certain recordable and re-recordable compact discs may not function correctly when used in Ford CD players. To fasten, grasp the tongue, and with a continuous motion, pull out enough webbing to buckle the tongue into the correct buckle. After the disabled vehicle has been started and the jumper cables removed, allow it to idle for several minutes so the engine computer can relearn its idle conditions.


Rxcursion and Specifications If other than Ford, Motorcraft or Ford-authorized parts are used for maintenance replacements or for service of components affecting emission control, such non-Ford parts should be equivalent to genuine Ford Motor Company parts in performance and durability. Cargo Weight — includes all weight added to the Base Curb Weight, including cargo and optional equipment. Ford motor company automobile quick reference guide 2 pages.

Vehicles with a excugsion center of gravity such as utility and four-wheel drive vehicles handle differently than vehicles with a lower center of gravity.

Sends power to front and rear wheels. Driving Power is supplied to all four wheels through a transfer case.

Seating and Safety Restraints 3. Illuminates when the ignition is in the ON position and any door is open.

Seating and Safety Restraints Memory seats and adjustable pedals if equipped This system allows automatic positioning of the driver seat and adjustable pedals to two programmable positions. Batteries contain sulfuric acid which can burn skin, eyes and clothing, if contacted. Page Oaners and Specifications Add ml 8 oz.

Connect the negative – cable to the negative – terminal of the assisting battery. Irregular shaped discs, discs with a scratch protection film attached, and discs with homemade paper adhesive labels should not be inserted into exfursion player.