By State law, all local government energy codes, including the NYCECC, must be more stringent than the ECCCNYS. NYC Energy Conservation Code. Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State Comparison of the residential provisions of the ECCCNYS and the NYSECCC. (1) Certain published standards are denoted in the ECCCNYS as incorporated by reference into 19 NYCRR Part Such standards are incorporated.

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If construction differs from the last-approved energy analysis prior to sign-off, the original preparer of the energy analysis must prepare an dcccnys energy analysis using the values actually used in the construction. Renumbered former section Text of rule and any required statements and analyses may be obtained from: Deleted redundant “Exceptions” text. Changed “type and efficiency” to “types and efficiencies.

Energy Conservation Code

Added this new section, which deals with interpretation of local code provisions. Section Interpretation of Code Requirements. The codes and standards referenced in this code shall be those listed in Chapter 6and such codes and standards shall be considered as part of the requirements of this code to the prescribed extent of each such reference.

If the construction changes result in a building no longer complying with the NYCECC, as demonstrated by a failed energy analysis, the progress inspector cannot certify on the EN2 Form that the work is in compliance and the application cannot be signed-off. As far as may be practicable, the improvement of energy conservation construction practices, methods, equipment, materials and techniques shall be encouraged.


Such standards are incorporated by reference into this Part Question meaning of “a comparable occupancy classification. Corrected reference changed to “Section Include any supporting documentation for the explanation. Revised to add reference to Sections An alteration that replaces only the bulb and ballast within the existing luminaires in a space, provided that such alteration does not increase the installed interior lighting power.

View Document – New York State Register

If the provisions of Article 11 of the New York State Energy Law, as in effect at the time of any alterationrenovation or repair to an existing building, require that such building be exempt from this code, then such alterationrenovation or repair ecccnts such building need not comply with this code.

Once available, a published hard copy version can be purchased at the City Store will be available for purchase, and will also be viewable on this webpage. The progress inspector must sign and seal the TR8, certifying that inspected work complies with the approved drawings EN2: The following is a summary of the Assessment of Public Comments.

In the case of energy modeling, the code official shall be permitted to accept an energy cost budget worksheet based on ASHRAE Complete applications are those that meet the submittal requirements of Buildings Bulletin and include a complete energy analysis.

Change threshold from cfm to cfm. Inserted space to read “the potential for snow or ice…. Questions applicability of section.

Reroofing where neither the sheathing nor the insulation is exposed. The following need not comply with the provisions of eccxnys code, provided the energy use of the building is not increased: Added hyphen in “glass-enclosed.


See the full Assessment for a more complete description. Insert comma to read, “…needs including the visually impaired, visual impairment and other medical …. This code shall regulate the design and construction of buildings for the effective use 200 energy.

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Changed title from “Common walls, party walls, and fire walls Mandatory ” to “Tenant separation walls Mandatory. Added “If percent continuous structural panel sheathing is used on a 2×4 wall, then R-5 continuous insulated sheathing must also be applied over the structural sheathing.

If the request is incomplete or does not otherwise contain sufficient information necessary to issue an interpretation, the Secretary of State may request clarification of the information provided or additional information necessary to issue the requested interpretation. Added “buildings” after “residential. Title should not be limited to metal buildings.

Division of Administrative Rules

One- and two-family dwelling units. The energy analysis must demonstrate compliance 0210 the NYCECC and the preparer must sign and seal the analysis, certifying that the work is in compliance. Corrected ” Pa ” to ” Pa. The expiration of the day comment period when the request for an interpretation is signed by only one party.

Share URL Copy and paste the link below into emails, chats or browsers. Electronic media documents are permitted to be submitted when approved by the code enforcement official. Added prerequisite for the exception. Bookmark sections for yourself or for your team.