There are many theories as to the identity of the Twenty-Four Elders of Pastor Stephen Bohr has done a splendid job in deciphering the identity of these. Program transcript series 24 Elders, The episode titled Who Are the 24 Elders?. preposterous idea that Pastor Stephen Bohr has, notice what he. 24 Elders Sermon Series Page (by Stephen Bohr). And the four and twenty elders,. which sat before God on their seats,. fell upon their faces.

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The commanders of the angel hosts, the sons of God, the representatives of the unfallen worlds [Revelation 4: The ellders about “the 24 elders” Who Are They Not? A closer look reveals that they were covered with glorious garments of light. Even though Eve sinned first, Adam was held accountable by God. Christ, the loved Commander in the heavenly courts, stooped from His high estate, laid aside the glory that He had with the Father, in order to save the stephej lost world.

The angels who arrived with the Lamb who had just been slain and resurrected. The text itself does NOT say the 4 living creatures sing the song with the 24 elders.

The compact had been fully carried out. Samson DID repent, the blood of the Lamb covers every hook and cranny of a selfish, up and down life. This pledge Christ has fulfilled. This is because the four living creatures could not be redeemed by Jesus since they have never sinned the redemption of Jesus is only for the fallen human race.


The Twenty-Four Elders – Secrets Unsealed

Here is an article that explains the differences simply bojr well between the Critical Text Greek texts and the Majority Greek texts: Or who laid its cornerstone, When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? Ste;hen this He left the sinless worlds on high, the ninety and nine that loved Him, and came to this earth, to be “wounded for our transgressions” and “bruised for our iniquities.

Heaven rings with voices in lofty strains proclaiming: Who determined its measurements? The heavenly host, with shouts and acclamations of praise and celestial song, attended the joyous train. The 24 elders are mentioned in four other passages in the book of Revelation. How then could they be representatives from other worlds?

This contrasts with the previous verse where we are told that Job offered sacrifices always Job 1: Terrible was the agony of remorse as he beheld iniquity eelders, and, in answer to his warnings, met the reproaches cast upon himself as the cause of sin.

The 24 Elders – EarlySDA

I don’t know, but it is obvious that the 24 elders are humans who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. White, Patriarchs and Prophets, p. Simple, the Greek translation for the book of revelation only in the case of the bible versions including King James, and New King James do not use a strong Greek copy that would support the context of the verses in question. I’m afraid “perhaps” isn’t enough in a Bible study like this one. This is why we must also use the context of scripture to help us identify the truth.


Thus, Jesus is the second Adam, not the second Eve! Bible versions such as KJV translate this word basileusousin in first person in spite of its grammar because otherwise the whole thing would contradict itself.

Dig Deeper: 24 Elders Sermon Series Page {Bohr}

Many modern versions follow that lone manuscript and omit the pronoun, but that leaves the transitive verb “redeem” without a direct object, so they usually supply “men” or some such thing. That is an assumption, perhaps warranted, perhaps not.

But now we do not yet see all things put under him. Christ’s toiling, struggling ones on earth are “accepted in the Beloved.

Stepgen 24 elders are humans redeemed from this world. The lost is found. Someone may even point out to me one of the 24 ELDERS immediately, but if not, there will be an another opportunity-My search surely will include Sarnson, knowing that “Physically, Samson was the strongest man upon the earth; but in self-control, integrity, and firmness, he was one of the weakest of men.

24 Elders, The

I personally believe that the KJV is an excellent translation. Satan stole the position which rightfully belonged to Adam who was the legitimate representative of the planet. The Sons of God Job 1: The two Adams are about to meet.