Televes. The world is our market. Tell us where you are. Select country. Afghanistan. Åland Islands. Albania. Algeria. American Samoa. Andorra. Angola. cm x cm satellite dish. See products. steel satellite dish. Areas with poor satellite coverage. Company. About us · Televes in the world. THE LONG LIFE ALUMINIUM DISH. The new QSD line of Televes satellite dishes are launched to market after careful and strict product requirements.

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All reasonable precautions are taken by Television to ensure that the advice and data given to readers telefes reliable. We cannot however guarantee it and we cannot accept legal responsibility for it. Photostats of the indexes to Vols can be supplied at 1. Make cheques payable to “Television Binders”. Send orders with payment to Quadrant Subscription Services Ltd. Telephone Kathy Lambart on for details of issues available. A look at its circuitry and notes on common faults. P p ‘3’ ’58 WO p: Televex S I N x P VS, V,VP N, N, N f 1.

Quotations given for large quantities. Please allow 7 days for delivery. All valves are new and boxed.

Prices quoted are subject to stock availability and may be changed without notice. Menu control for user-friendly operation. Internal Smart Card reader for conditional access.

#Televes Avant Hd Headend | #Televes Avant Hd Headend Systems – Televes Irs & Distribution Systems

Dual -band LNC Switching. D2 -MAC processing includes: Terrestrial antenna loop through. Select from lour superb models. Size – all models mm a mm x nm. DC – 60 MHz Sens: Wave Component tester Price V. DC – 20MHz Sens: DC – MHz Sens: Fitted with delta and P.


A generator specifically designed for testing and fault finding on FM stereo and monaural VHF receivers including stereo multiplex circuits. Pilot signal 19KHz I- 2Hz. L 8 R separation over 50dB.

External Modulation 50Hz – 15KHz. Pre -emphasis s, 75ps 8 off. Comprehensive test lead set included. An indispensille item in your TV service kit. Measures up to 40kV DC with safety and the greatest of ease. Connect the lead clip to chassis and probe tip to the check point, read the meter for voltage.

A must for the Health and Safety at Work Acts. Official Orders welcome from Govt. Credit card orders are accepted by ‘phone, fax or post. Delivery normally within seven days. Television engineers wouldn’t be without it Prices Model Tri-dynamic three meter instrument inc.

Model Single meter instrument inc. Without adaptors All CRT’s checked identically, Including all in -line releves one gun types Tests all three guns of colour CRT’s simultaneously under actual operating conditions model Exclusive multiplex technique model Measure true dynamic beam current that actually passes through G1 aperture to screen Measures all shorts and leaks – preserving more CRT’s Tests focus electrodes lead continuity finding faults that other testers miss ‘Uses most powerful restoration method known with minimum danger to CRT Rejuvenated CRT’s guaranteed as new for two years Obsolescence proof – perpetual set up chart updated and new adaptors developed Tests and rejuvenates VDU’s and oscilloscope tubes A range of over 40 CRT base adaptors available Increase profit Pays for itself in months.


Signal levels can be accurately measured on the TCC and the Tleves, allowing the evaluation of signal conditions for satisfactory operation. Both models have a clear LCD tleves frequency readout, coupled to a multilurn tuning control enabling precise channel identification.

Signal measurement fromV to mV. Powered by eight 1. Fully portable with sturdy carrying case. Digital display for direct frequency readout. Signal measurement satellite dBm to dBm. Audible indication of satellite signal level. Fully sortable with sturdy carry case. The Orion is a compact, bench instrument offering a wide range of patterns and telebes at a truly low cost.

In addition to a switchable sound carrier facility which allows use with the majority of PAL TV systems, the Orion provides highly flexible RGB outputs, ensuring compatibility with most video monitors. More than 50 pattern combinations can be selected, Including those for testing static and dynamic divergence, video amplifier linearity, colour purity, general colour performance, focus etc.

A separate video input to modulate camera signals; fully variable RF and video output levels facilitating AGC testing: Just some of the features making the Orion Pattern Generator an indispensible tool in the manufacture, test. Separate R, G, 13 and sync. RED ‘ lecsl ‘4. Connectors, Plugs, Fixing Bolts, etc.

The EC effort doesn’t seem to be able to make any convincing progress. Reddihough principle to the wording of a memorandum of understanding. Its ability to do so depends Please note that the telephone numbers on achieving the unanimous approval of the EC governments to this expenditure. This below are for contact with the seems unlikely to occur. A majority of finance ministers have attacked the proposal while advertisement departments.

Editorial the UK’s technology minister Edward Leigh has commented that the figure is “totally enquiries should be sent to the editor at the unacceptable”. One wonders why the EC persists. The industry is half-hearted, and address given on page or faxed to governments are unwilling to agree to the expenditure. But the EC is one of those lumbering, monolithic entities that once set in motion is hard to control let alone stop. Meanwhile increasing research effort is being put into digital TV systems.

They are two of twenty five partners in the European digital terrestrial television broadcasting dttb consortium. It was started by the IBA in as an investigation into the possibility of using modern modulation methods to increase the usefulness of the u.

The proposal here is to use simulcasting. Some frequency planning studies already carried out indicate that the u. Because the average power levels required for the digital transmissions are significantly lower, while such transmissions can have a high immunity to interference, they PUBLISHER Robert Marcus can be squeezed in where extra PAL transmissions would be impossible.


Viewers would be encouraged to buy a digital receiver or a dual -standard one when they renew their sets.

Depending on the resolution required, a u. Tong points out, it usually takes five -ten years from the agreement of a standard to its application. Thus European terrestrial digital TV is not likely to be available for a decade or so.

But since the future obviously lies with digital TV there seems to tet,a For failure to start up stuck in the standby mode check R and R both M in the power supply. For loss of on -screen displays check whether R k0 is open -circuit or dry -jointed. Hitachi G6P Chassis The on -board controls worked all right but there was no response at all to remote control commands. The handset emitted the right control pulses, and a very convincing pulse train was present at pin 15 of the control microcomputer chip.

It took us some time to discover that L in the IR preamplifier circuit was open -circuit. Normal operation was restored when L had been replaced – but there was no discernible difference in the data bursts at pin 15 of the micro! Sanyo CBP For the first ten minutes there were no signals and only channels 3 and 4 could be selected. During the period of the fault there was ripple on the 5V line.

Replacing C g, 16V restored the signals but they were noisy with slight lack of height. The fault again cleared after ten minutes. This time replacement of C g, 16V provided a cure. These sets seem to be becoming noted for the failure of g, 16V capacitors to work from cold. But I’d jumped to an overhasty conclusion – there was still no sound. The cause of the fault was dry -joints at pins 7 and 8 of the chopper transformer T This is in fact one of the model’s most notorious faults.

Bush The TDAA colour decoder chip used in this set has been mentioned in these pages several times recently.

Клоны Ресиверов

It’s the Telefunken version. Feleves can fit other makes such as Philips if R is changed from to 68kS2 and R from a1 to ka If you fit a TFK chip later the values of these resistors must be restored to the original ones.

An interesting fault occurs when R Ia 0.