Before we have a look at the chess methods of defence, it will be useful to discuss the various thinking methods that can be helpful when defending. Practical Chess Defence, – download book Author: Aagaard Jacob. Practical Chess Defence Jacob Aagaard Quality Chess ychessbooks. com. First edition by Quality Chess Europe AB Vegagatan 18, SE Practical Chess Defence has 12 ratings and 0 reviews. Chess is developing faster now than ever before in history, and the appearance of.

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Basically cheas exercises are about finding the best practical defence, not about forcing a draw. White’s most promising continuation here, the endgame after 7. Though this surprise was unpleasant, it did bring me out of the mental void I had been in for most of the tournament, and I finally began to think clearly.

With the idea of e4-e5. In some situations we are lucky and one option stands out as clearly preferable, but most of 18 Practical Chess Defence the time we have to choose between seemingly even options.

White replies with 1 2. Here Black needs to win the queen with 4S. Er widmet sich hier dem komplexen Thema der Verteidigung im Schach.

Therefore I had allowed him a chance to offer some defiance with a queen sacrifice: So I will give the game in full just for the taste. An apparently forced line is the basis of one move, but instead of following this forced line, you twist it slightly, by interposing a sequence of one or more moves, after which the forced line can be continued with a different outcome.


Most attacks are misplayed because of blindness to tactical details, and most defences equally so. What is interesting is that we can condition ourselves to find a move like 4.

Practical Chess Defence, 2006 – download book

White’s king is now safe, while Black cannot defend his. After this Black would have to play great defensive moves to hold the balance.

Eixf3 d4 3 l. The natural alternative to taking the knight, which any astute defender will have investigated seriously. The following lines illustrate his problems: It seems that Black will be able to reach a winning endgame. Massive loss of material is imminent and only radical measures will suffice.

Black should be very careful. Black saw no alternatives to retreating, when the game would be a sad affair.

Practical Chess Defence by Jacob Aagaard

It is difficult for White to continue keeping his position alive aagard Black’s three main options, a 6. Objectively this is maybe not enough to win, but as far as the opening goes, it has been a disaster for Black. But instead he could have played I know Golod as a hardworking and reliable annotator, I White is either stalemated, or allowed to approach and eliminate the last remaining practifal pawn.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Bridge Lern- Strategieprogramme Vermischtes. If we assume that White had defended immaculately, would Black have won the game? Surely Black would manage to aagward Basically White has an extra move on move 5, which comes in very handy.

Practical Chess Defence, – download book

For instance, it is logical to want to play Certainly Acs had anticipated practocal tactic, and prepared a response. It will be your move, but you cannot do anything to stop the attack your opponent is planning from starting on the next move.


Any retreat is hopeless, and after 1 9. Often you will see games at a high level decided because of a smart detail, or maybe the failure to see a tactical resource, as in the following example from the individual European Championship Together these ideas create what could be called the defensive thinking frame.

Eventually John gave up on refuting my idea, consoling himselfwith a drawn endgame. eefence

Practical Chess Defence by Jacob Aagaard, Improvement chess book by Quality Chess

For the first time I am left with an actual choice. So the main line goes: The main line goes: White can no longer be saved. Black has achieved the. But all of these troubles could have been avoided with an intermediate move.

This is the kind of mistake the rest of us would make on move 2. White decides to part with his queen, assured that the a-pawn will give him sufficient counterplay.

The rook generally increases aagaafd value the more pieces are removed from the board, and in this particular position we are not far from an endgame I had the luck to know was drawn, having recently edited Practicwl Lund’s treatise Rook vs. The following game is an example of how the awareness of a standard fortress helped the poor author in his decision-making. Practicsl turns out that he could have kept the balance with Often this will be enough to ride out the storm.