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Deathknell set 48 Bullywug Thug. The bunyip is loosely based on the creature from Australian mythology. Inhabits forsaken wilderness areas, has a prehensile tail to swing from limb from limb, has psionic attack. Please, take a seat and roll that d Desert of Desolation 23 The eye killer first appeared in White Dwarf 7 June Undead humans that inhabit zdnd mounds or catacombs, evil and hateful, seeking to destroy all life they encounter.

Mar 15, New Feature: An interview with The Magician. The Bleeding Hollow Pathfinder: Eye of fear and flame. But the other mechanics are also fairly easy to remember.

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Described here are the death watch beetle and slicer beetle. One page would have a light-hearted cartoon followed by page with a terrifying ineex encounter. They inhabit temperate to tropical swamps. The campaign setting hard-cover book Greyhawk Adventures adhd a section called Monsters of Greyhawk. Ward and Gary Jacquet. The monsters in this book are presented in the same format as the Monster Manual and Fiend Folio.


I know the five pips are incomplete maybe they are supposed to be obscured by the shaded scrub at the bottombut I just have to believe that the artist the late D. Over the years of play, it was so easy to just flip open the book to a specific section adn ignore that copyright page. Inded humanoids that dwell in subterranean places, loathe humans and slaughter all they encounter.

Underdark set 28 Bipedal creatures able to shape themselves into the likeness of any humanoid creature they observe. Deathknell set 52 Ettin Skirmisher. Mindless ambulatory fungus that emit a piercing shriek when any light source or movement comes nearby.

However it has always been with a certain sense of something missing. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Giant bloodworms are, according to the Fiend Foliohuge 20′ long worms that live in admd pools.

Prehistoric ancestor of the rhinocerosa huge herbivore. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Aggressive carnivores whose favorite prey is horses, seek cliffs and rocky habitats in which to build their nests. Described are the arcanadaemon greater daemonCharon the Boatman of the Lower Planescharonadaemon lesser daemonderghodaemon lesser daemonhydrodaemon lesser daemonOinodaemon Anthraxuspiscodaemon lesser daemonultrodaemon greater daemonand yagnodaemon lesser daemon.

Malign foe of humankind, a jackal able to assume the form of a man, gaze puts creatures to sleep. Unlike the previous two books, this book does not contain an alphabetical listing of the monsters in the beginning of the book. Age of Shadows Night Below Ravenloft: Yochlol handmaiden of Lolth. Apr 06, RPGnet 2. Its legs are similar to those of a birdand its head is shaped like that of a vulture, including the hooked beak.

The revenant is a powerful undead creature that has a strong physical resemblance to a zombiea far less powerful undead creature. Eye of the deep. So adios, and just keep on playing. Ed Greenwood noted that the previously published drow and kuo-toa were “expected attractions, but good to see nonetheless.

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Monstrous Index

Magic items acnd every defeated monster, more gold discovered than could be realistically carried out by a human being or elf or dwarf… okay, maybe a dwarf. Described are the farastu tarry demodand, kelubar slime demodand, and shator shaggy demodand.

This is moderated of course, so someone is viewing all submissions to insure that nothing sdnd gets posted. Thanks for the in-depth coverage of the new PH. Blood War set 35 Aberrations inxex 25 Inhabit thickly vegetated shallows, they hate beauty and are so ghastly in appearance to make other creatures weak with fright. Not because I was a jerk DM, but when you get up to level 10 or 12 the creatures you encounter get hard.

A Tale of Two Handbooks — 1978 AD&D and 2014 D&D

The same goes for spell casting attack bonuses. Derived from Pech mythology Pech Characteristics. How To GM Mysteries.

I mention this only because James M. Magically animated, undead monsters enchanted by powerful magic-users or clerics of evil alignment. Dragoneye set 52 Its eyes, however, are multifaceted like that of an insect.