Advanced HeroQuest is a fine old game produced once upon a time by Games Over time, this has resulted in further refinement of house rules from my. There are three parts to Advanced HeroQuest: the miniatures; the rules; & the game We have re-written the rules for clarity, tweaked a few of them for balance. HeroQuest Hero Quest Game System English European information and resource downloads. Manual, Quest Book, Dark Company, Cards, Tiles, Character.

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The Rulebooks all seem to download well, but the majority of the tiles, with the exception of the Phoenix Landing tile, are unable to be downloaded. But some of the links doesn’t work. The Dwarf – A doughty and fearless manuwl with a keen eye for secret doors and traps.

This hfroquest Advanced Quest will test even the greatest Champions. All theese files will need WinRAR 3 to extract. Hi, just tried to download and dropbox is throwing up errors, please can you fix. Unknown January 8, at 5: Dare you take up the challenge of HeroQuest, and enter the underground realm of Morcar, the Evil Wizard?

HeroQuest is a unique adventure board game. There are great treasures to be won, if you can overcome their fell guardians.


For ease of reference, we have divided the rules into a number of volumes. Wasn’t the PDF reader.

Advanced HeroQuest: Reforged: DOWNLOADS

As I had the same problem until I just clicked them. The various appendices contain specific information for one sub-part of the game. Tremors of the Warp Test What’s to stop a Wizard from casting unlimited spells during Exploration turns?

The Elf – A member of a proud and ancient race whose fighting is matched only by his magical skills. The land has need of heroes, like Rogar and his followers of old.

Gunz Rod December 11, at 4: The copyrighted artwork and text used in theese files are not sold, nor planned to be sold, by Games Workshop. None of this is the least bit official, and I have had ueroquest part in the creation of official Advanecd Workshop products.

It contains the main game, all expansions and all articles in one simple download. Enrico Esposito January 8, at 5: Please ask the owner of the shared link to send a new link to access the file or the folder. My recent nostalgia for the game avanced been tugging at my soul and to stumble upon your cache here has been nothing short of a miracle. Game System Description For many years the land has been at peace.


It will teach you the game.

Can you survive in the World of HeroQuest I am hoping advancde try this with my game group. Zenithfleet European style versions of some of the American Chaos Spells. Sleep Veil of Mist Water of Healing.

And now it gathers strength once more, and an ancient evil stirs in the depths of the earth. Best viewed davanced HeroQuest Fonts installed. It might take more time for you to download only one file at a time, but it will also not force me to ditch this website.

Deathblow and Advanced Heroquest book

Thanks for all your hard work! The main Enhanced – Advanced Heroquest book and extras: But beware the traps of the Evil Wizard, Morcar!

I can’t find any issue viewing them here – any chance you have an older PDF reader? This is the Advanced HeroQuest section on my website.

A set of easy-to-learn rules. Dominic Cresswell January 23, at 1: