User manual • Read online or download PDF • Grass Valley ADVC User Manual. This manual guides you through the basics of analog/ digital conversion. Package contents include: • ADVC unit. • IEEE DV Cable (4 pin-6 pin). Canopus ADVC Video Capture The ADVC unit connects to all analog and digital video cameras, decks, and .

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Canopus ADVC Video Capture

View answer in context. I do seem to remember printing certain parts.

One would think that technology scares the bejeebis out of you. Nor are we aware if Canopus or Grass Valley will continue to allow this awesome feature to keep working. How should the switches on the Canopus be set to begin capturing?

Canopus ADVC-110 Video Capture

Ask a question Reset. Another concern was because it wasn’t on the dock, I was afraid it might have disappeared, as one person on the Apple Support forum said theirs did, but that was when another version of iLife or something took out their old version and didn’t put in the new one.

I’m pretty sure the Firewire cable connection is right, based on the facts that the ADVC lights are always on when connected, and I got material from my video camera to the computer before. You need to have iMovie running to capture video. That wonderful household cleaning product you saw shifting dirt and grease was really done using retouching techniques in a high end image editing software package. User profile for user: I’ve heard people, who have tried both products, claim that one has better picture over the other or works better with Macs than the other, but on a aadvc110 scale most everyone is pleased with whatever product they chose.


I was going to set the switches to the default position to begin with and hope for the best. Mar 1, 1: Then he poured buku bucks into all this editing equipment which is pretty well rendered useless because as soon as it’s paid for, formats and methods change, making mmanual obsolete. He’s considering selling his business, or if worse comes to absolute worst selling off his equipment. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

Grass Valley ADVC User Manual | 20 pages

I haven’t used iMovie for a while, but from what I remember, once it is running, then when you plug the firewire cable into your Mac, the capture window will pop up ready for you to capture.

Apple Music Speciality level out of ten: Mar 14, Still, if you need AC power, Canopus offers an optional power supply. Your cable should have yellow, red and white plugs something like this.

I know, it looks deceptively simple, but I’m afraid there is some secret hidden step the user is supposed to just “guess,” or learn by trial and error. The bus powered feature is nice by eliminating excess cables, but is a draw back if your computer only has a 4 pin firewire port.

I’d like to get something I can use on my Mac, IF installing it doesn’t render it useless! One of their earlier products was an analog to digital converter called the ADVC When you start capturing video into iMovie, you will see those panes start filling up with video. Even the Tin Man had a lot more heart than that.


It’s all on that QuickStart page. advv110

Grass Valley ADVC-110 User Manual

From the tests I’ve done, I think the quality on both products is equally high. I don’t want to throw good mmanual after bad or beat my brains out trying to do horribly difficult things if easier methods exist for doing as well or better.

Mar 13, Feb 28, I have the VHS tape cued up to where to start converting. Thank God when I went mxnual Applications the other day to check, it was still there but I had no idea there was a way to keep it on adfc110 dock.

Assuming your laptop has a 6 pin firewire port, the ADVC would be the best choice, since you won’t have to find a power outlet to make the thing run.

I’d be willing to bet that since you lack any technical understanding, you simply misunderstood what he was saying If not, you need to make sure you have a 6-pin to 6-pin firewire cable something like this. I don’t remember every step except that there was something tricky about kanual the manual didn’t go into, which is one reason I haven’t tried it in over three years and manuaal don’t remember except that there was some difficult little detail of which the manual does not inform the user.

Still, the ADVC does everything it says it can do.

Mar 12, 9: