Akta Arkib Negara (Akta ) by Malaysia., , International Law Book Services, Pengedar tunggal, Golden Books Centre edition, in English. All are available from the Arkib. Negara Malaysia. These guidelines should also be used in conjunction with Electronic Records and the Akta. Arkib Negara . the Akta Arkib Negara (available from the Arkib Negara Malaysia). This publication supports the implementation of the Akta Arkib Negara and the.

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Pursuant to the agenda established for many e-government initiatives, many organizations are evolving even further by turning their web sites into gateways or portals in order to support on-line transaction srkib e.

One of the primary uses of metadata is to assist in the description of resources and improve methods of information retrieval. Records Management Policy Records Management Policy If you need this information in another language or format, please contact us to discuss how we can best meet your needs. The records are not immediately accessible to users, as the storage media must first be physically retrieved.


Transactions which index, classify, schedule, file, view, copy, distribute, or move a record without altering it are documented by aroib trails attached to the original record. Logical record arkibb are preserved regardless of physical representations.

Akta Arkib Negara (Akta ) | Open Library

It should be able to support the needs of the business to which it relates or it evidences so that it can be used for accountability purposes. Electronic records are susceptible to loss and destruction because of: The dependency on technology that changes through time. Phone or email equalities southlanarkshire. Copyright Arkib Negara Malaysia Page 2030 of Copyright Arkib Negara Malaysia Page 2 of Examples of records are as negzra Help deliver services in a consistent and equitable manner.

Akta Arkib Negara 2003

Roles and Responsibilities 2 6. Cancel Forgot your password? Managing legacy data and information November v.

Don’t have an account? There exists a discrete record, representing the sum of all communications associated with a business transaction. Administration Information Management Policy No.: It is possible to output record content, structure and context. February Part 2 Records Management Strategy.

Agenda and minutes of meetings. Electronic records are assets that need to be managed with the same diligence as any other asset. Deletion transactions remove the content and structural information of records without removing audit trails reflecting context Records are usable Skta are exportable.



Policy is central to the development. Deletion transactions are documented as audit trails. Particular metadata schemas can serve more than one purpose and there is often overlap and interrelationships between metadata schemas.

In Malay and English. Malay View all editions and formats Rating: Assess and manage risks to digital More information. Electronic records that are stored offline are usually retained on removable digital storage media e.

In this capacity and in cooperation with other central agencies and public offices, it is responsible for issuing standards and guidance to public offices on the management adkib electronic records. Define your digital continuity requirements Stage 3: Robson Agnew Approved by: For electronic records to be preserved over time, adequate recordkeeping metadata must be created, captured and maintained.