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At the Capitol Theatre, the City of Clearwater provides public parking on the reb and in local lots in the area. I guess Some people are so desperate and that’s why they start picking on some nonsense thoughts forgetting their places. Do you already have an account? Have seen him a number of times and we have always enjoyed his show.

I once talked to the musical supervisor of “We will rock you”. So it’s a little ignorant to say that all the people who liked your food don’t like good music. Speed is the last thing to consider, because anything you can learn to do slow you can do insane practice to the point of doing fast. I just can’t get it to sound that clean at the correct tempo. Frank zappa was only human, meaning not everything he said is as well rounded as he open mindedly sounded nor is it scientificlly well founded as zappa thought he sounded.

One day he posted a picture of his meal, and a few all people ‘liked’ it. Become a member today!


Going to see Di Meola in a couple months for my 14th wedding anniversary and can’t wait. Text STOP1 to at any time to cancel. I know some theory and I know folks who know a LOT of theory. I don’t think he looks unfriendly or anything. Full season boxes are also available to purchase. Seat Accommodations Special accommodations ie.

[TAB] Al Di Meola REH Video Booklet

This is business, not a birthday party. Donate My Account Cart Logout. I meet Al in a small concert at the local music store in San Antonio Texas 15 years ago, the man was not just astonishing player, but a real human being, I had mwola privilege to shake his hand, he was an extremely friendly and kind man to talk to, he gave plenty of time to everyone who wanted to talk with him, without any rush, I can tell you that he is a humble man and meolz could act with a lot more ego, because he is big star, but he does not act arrogant whatsoever.

Sun, Jan 6 at 1: An old hippy gave me a brown paper bag full of fusion tapes that he thought I needed to hear and among them were Chick Corea, jaco, Larry Cornell, McLaughlin, frank gamble, Di meola and many others Al Di was good but he went overboard showing off with the speed trills.

Dk just well engrossed in his playing. Fri, Jan 4 at 8: I know I could never ever get anywhere near – and yet it’s highly enjoyable. From time to time I love to see people like him or Tommy Emmanuel and it’s like watching an illusionist.

But can’t we all. For more information or to schedule a tour of the facility, please call Patron Services at I like his playing, he’s obviously amazing, and he obviously knows a ton about music.


al di meola reh guitar lesson

Maybe he’s a bit of a control freak. One of the toughest things to copy from his mdola is that he almost never uses sweep picking techniques, it’s all strict alternate picking at high tempo. Amenities include a private box for four with a unique perspective of the stage in the beautifully restored Capitol Theatre.

Took me years to turn that around.

I was 17 and ci this great music changed my world overnight. Harrison Ave heading south. He’s leaving a lot of the work up to you to dissect what he’s doing.

Al Di Meola – REH Master

I can do much of what he does, but it is a chore, it is like playing Twister with my fingers. Agreement to receive an SMS message is not a condition of purchasing a good or service.

His fingers look like a daddy long legs hovering over the strings. Loved the way Zappa took the piss out of Al back in the day. He’s always going on rants. Very guitarist who has spend thousands of hours practicing and has found his own ‘voice’ is very hard to imitate or copy. I still need to work on my chord changes msola now.

Toughest guitarist to copy? SuperFuzzFeb 28,