“Don Francisco de Quevedo me dirigió una mirada que interpreté como era debido, pues fui detrás del capitán Alatriste. Avísame. Buy EL CABALLERO DEL JUBÓN AMARILLO (LAS AVENTURAS DEL CAPITÁN ALATRISTE 5) from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and. This long awaited fifth installment of the famous adventures of Captain Alatriste tells of an aristocratic love affair between Alatriste and María de Castro, the most .

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Alatriste remains the swordmaster of little words rel great courage and Perez-Reverte uses the novel to paint a vivid fresco of Spanish Era de Oro.

Not God, but his King, for whom he has bled so much, given so much of his life to. That was confirmed inwhen was published the first book of his Captain Alatriste saga, which has been his trademark.

El caballero del jubón amarillo

I don’t know how Perez-Reverte does it. The fifth Captain Alatriste novel. Although his debut was not quite successful, inwith ‘The Fencing Master’, he put his name as a serious qmarillo of historic novels. Madrid was a dangerous place, men’s honour would see friends fight to the death for a minor faux pas.

This weakness for a beautiful woman, despite all dangers, is a trait he and Inigo share, as it turns out. It was a rich, thriving, bursting-with-life scene. God, what a great book.

Do you not know the difference? I don’t want to give spoilers, but the book portrays several very clear examples of just how much an honor code society can trap people into attitudes and behaviors that they don’t really want to engage jubom, unintended hostilities, and behaviors that completely contradict amaarillo self-interested survival instinct.

God, I don’t want to spoil caballeor, but the pure wonderful irony of it. I adored Alatriste, much like Inigo, looking up to him as this great man, a gentleman and a soldier cut from a different cloth than the rest of humanity.

Easily the best of the ‘Captain Alatriste’ books so far They are so similar, such perfect foils for each other. Y alagriste en un contexto de comedia teatral que bien le queda a los enredos del libro. He started his journalistic career writing for the now-defunct newspaper Pueblo. Comparable to Dumas, this man is a pure reincarnation of the brilliant French author. The second half made up for the leisure pace of the beginning with emotional intensity ramped up and actual cloak and dagger duels.


Por fin una de las aventuras de Alatriste que resulta impecable!

Caballero del Jubon Amarillo, El – Las Aventuras del Capitan Alatriste

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. After this book, he could leave definitely journalism for focusing on his career as a fiction writer. The story focuses primarily on Alatriste’s relationship with the beautiful actress Maria Castro, a real pearl of the theatre.

But of course, unlike the noble hot-headed musketeer, Alatriste is an age worn soldier, coarse, stubborn, and often times temperamental, but nonetheless a hero. The plot ran very smoothly, and felt like an adventure series should– flashing swords, loyal friends, beautiful and juhon treacherous women, and enemies that show respect to each other on and off the field of battle.

Discover the new adventures of Diego Alatriste and his young partner, Mqigo Balboa, in the long-awaited fifth installment of the famous adventures of Capitan Alatriste.

It rather broke my heart, to the p I devoured the previous Alatriste adventures once I picked them up, but this one I have to admit was a hard start for me.

He won back my respect, and I adore him more than ever. The narrator, the 16 year old Inigo, has the advantage of retelling this tale in his old age so he knows the bleak future of the Spanish Empire, his master Captain Alatriste and of the reign of Philip IV.

The final part of the book keeps readers jubom suspense as Alatriste flees after being falsely accused of murder while avoiding the hand of Maletesta, and in the long run, saving the life of his beloved king from the hands of an assassin.

Then, he jumped to news reporter for TVE, Spanish national channel. Intrigues at court threaten the relationship and even the life of the king at hand, a plot which is conceived by none other than Gualterio Maletesta, the Captain’s arch nemesis. Trivia About El caballero del This volume started a little slow with the first half focused on the Madrid cultural scene and setting up the pieces for the drama about to unfold. I was left laughing along with Alatriste, aoatriste as though I stood beside him on that muddy road watching the royal procession disappear into the morning fog.


I realized that I read out of order and skipped Cabalkero King’s Gold, in which basically Perez-Reverte outlines my revelations about Alatriste’s state of mind in the first ten pages. I think this is deliberate on the part jubom the author, to plan the books so you can jump in at any point.

Of course after finishing four previous books you read this one, because you already are interested in life of beloved heroes but I guess author should find a way to finish these series with the best way. I have two quibbles though, one is so jubom that I hesitate to describe it in any way other than jubom felt like a failure of commitment by Perez-Reverte, and the other is Joseph Conrad’s The Duel, which dealt with a similar subject matter of honor codes in a much more powerful and eloquent way.

In this addition to the Captain Alatriste series there is a plot afoot to kill the King of Spain and then to frame Alatriste as the assassin. Alatriste is the foil companion of D’artagnan set in 17th amqrillo Spain. Refresh and try again. In the end the book was sword fighting, bedding of wenches, betrayal, good guys winning although I think Alatriste is a right real cadmore sword fighting and more bedding of wenches.

El caballero del jubón amarillo by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

I was introduced to Perez-Reverte based on information that this man’s writing was inspired by Dumas. An adversary respects you even if he stabs you in the back. Regardless the of the plot, Perez-Reverte’s books are always a joy to read. Thanks for telling us about the problem.