It also supplies a dye, wood etc, and is occasionally used for food. The plant is cultivated for its medicinal uses in DR Congo, and is also used in shelterbelts and. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Alchornea. Names of Alchornea in various languages of the world are also given. Alchornea Cordifolia. The ethanolic leaf extract of Alchornea cordifolia (Schum. and Thonn.) Müll. Arg ( Euphorbiaceae), a widely used traditional medicinal plant was assessed for.

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You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The root bark showed the strongest activity. The ethanol extract of the leaf showed significant activity against castor oil-induced diarrhoea in mice.

I am looking for a source of dried Alchornea Cordifolia leaves from Central Africa.

Sub-Acute Toxicity Studies of Alchornea cordifolia Leaf Extract in Swiss Albino Rats

To both tubes, 0. It is well adapted to acid soils.

The ethanolic leaf extract of Alchornea cordifolia Schum. Its use as an alley-cropping component is promising, especially as a mulch crop for restoration of soil fertility, crdifolia other, especially leguminous, species are preferred in most situations. BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands.

Alchornea cordifolia – Wikipedia

Alchornea cordifolia has also been reported to contain tannins and tannins are known to offer protection against nephrotoxicity [ 21 ]. In spite of the wide traditional use of A. Histopathology of Kidney section of rats not treated normal control Xfor 14 days XStain: In traditional medicine, the leaves and root bark are used fresh or dried in the shade for later use.


Crude ethanol extracts of the leaves showed moderate in-vitro anthelmintic activity against Haemonchus contortusa nematode pathogenic to small ruminants. Chew 2 to 3 Ginger slices every day. Send Link Please send this link to: Crude extracts of the leaves coagulated blood plasma in vitro.

Alchornea Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

The ethanolic leaf extract chosen for this study showed the highest antimalarial activity in a previous study [8]. Effect alcuornea ethanol extract of Alchornea cordifolia on the body weights of rats.

Alchornea cordifolia 1, leafy branch; 2, part of young male inflorescence; 3, tip of female inflorescence; 4, fruit; 5, seed. Some of these flavonoids have been demonstrated to inhibit nephrotoxicity because of its strong antioxidant activity [ 20 ].

Volume 2, Families E—I. The leaves, roots and stem bark contain terpenoidssteroid glycosidesflavonoidstanninssaponinscarbohydrates and the imidazopyrimidine alkaloids alchorneinealchornidineand several guanidine alkaloids. The ethanol extract of the leaf exhibited mild cordifola activity against Plasmodium falciparumwhereas chloroform and ether extracts were inactive.


Articles with ‘species’ microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March All stub articles. Antibacterial constituents of Alchornea cordifolia leaves. The nectar glands at the leaf base attract ants, which protect the plant from attacks from other insects. This page was last edited on 21 Augustat Though these findings cannot be directly extrapolated to man in view of possible species differences and possible differences in metabolic activation, the present results suggest that caution should be taken in the use of the plant product especially at high doses.

Leaf and root decoctions are widely used as mouth wash to treat ulcers of the mouth, toothache and caries, and twigs are chewed for the same purposes. Therapeutical value, phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial effects of the extract of alchornea cordifolia.?

The dried samples were ground into powdered form using an electric grinder Saisho W and stored separately.

Coppice regrowth of Alchornea cordifolia is vigorous. How much of the herb tea would be needed for intestinal problems?

Alchornea cordifolia Alchornea cordifolia – Wikimedia