Pharmaceutical Calculations. Lab Alligation Medial and Alligation Alternate. Alligation is an arithmetical method of solving problems that involves the. Alligation is one of the simple and illustrative methods in pharmaceutical calculations for the pharmacy technicians. Dilution is a simple method. The pharmacy has in stock 3% coal tar ointment and coal tar. Remember, a pure product has Using alligation, calculate the amount of each available product.

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Questions to follow up in this case include the following:. This is an example of alligation alternate because you want to find the amount of two ingredients to mix to form a mixture with a given amount of fat. This page was last edited on cxlculations Octoberat Sign in via Shibboleth.

Pharmacy Calculations Tutorial

Search Advanced search allows allrgation you precisely focus your query. How much sugar does the drink have? Why did you choose this over an antibiotic?

What are the procedures in the pharmacy for double check on the calculations? Therefore 1 part of 1. Join with us Get the latest updates and posts Follow us at.


Pharmacy Math Alligation Example 2

In allegatiion accident, patient X, suffered a deep abrasion on his leg and may eventually need a skin graft. There are a multitude of reliable resources for such material.

You can use any pharmacy calculations tutorial to study concepts for the first time or include them as part of your review program for a pending assessment. Anything quite different from your approximation should cause you to reexamine your work.

Alligation Math

When 8 liters are drawn out, the volume of wine is reduced by 8 X liters while the total volume of liquid remains unchanged as it is re-filled with water. Use daily for wound cleansing and dressing on right leg.

Sometimes, a simple calculation using alligation allows us to calculate the amount of diluent calfulations be added to an already prepared higher strength preparation to form the strength desired. If your institution subscribes to this resource, and you don’t have a MyAccess Profile, please contact your library’s reference desk for information on how to gain access to this resource from off-campus.

Every pharmacy calculations tutorial also includes appropriate solved examples to clarify key concepts. Last, you are expected to be able Search within a content type, and even narrow to one or more resources.


Utilize the aliquot method for solids and liquids. Otherwise it is hidden from view.

Questions phaarmacy follow up in this case include the following: This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Suppose a product of X percentage strength is to be prepared by mixing constituents of percentage Y Higher and Z lower. They are as follows: Convert between the metric and common systems of measurement. The solutions should be mixed at a specific proportion in order to get required concentration.

In order for this chapter to be brief, basic math is not reviewed. Pharmacyy operation is performed three more times. Please enter User Name.

Alligations — Soln volumes How many millilitres of a 1: Calculate an appropriate dose.

The unknown amount may be found by using alligation method. Signs of infection are present and the decision has been made to irrigate the wound daily with modified Dakin’s diluted sodium hypochlorite solution and use it on the wound dressing.