A list of Keynotes for Ambra Grisea (ambr.), taken from RADAR homeopathic software, with links to a query for the remedy analysis in Encyclopedia. AMBRA GRISEA*. By Drs. C. E. WH~EL~,~ and J. D. KENYON. Ambergris, a morbid product (intestinal) of the sperm whale. ” AND makes the hollow waves that. Outcomes and Lessons Learned From a Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Health Care Utilization During the First Year After Spinal Cord Injury.

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Again we find under the eye symptoms, “Dullness of vision as if from looking through a mist. In the morning, the skin at the extremity of the fingers is wrinkled. Pressive pain in the head, every two days, with heat in the head, burning in the eyes, and paleness in the face. Make a Donation Join Login.

grisex Moschus faintness, hysteric asthmaCastor. A man goes through ambrs trial of one death after another in the family and there seems to be nothing remaining; he cannot look at anbra philosophically; he has lost his business and his friends and then he takes on dreaminess and wonders whether life is worth living. Burning, pain of excoriation, and itching, in the sexual parts. Sweat on slightest exertion. The length of the bar for a particular symptom represented by a colorindicates how many times this symptom was mentioned in the materia medica for that remedy.

He goes on from one subject to another, asking a question, and, without waiting for it to be answered, asking another. Make a Donation Join Login. Asthma in lean and delicate old people. Spasms and twitches in the muscular parts. Flatulent colic in the night. A number of physical symptoms are brought out by listening to music.


Ambra grisea

Spasms in the grjsea nasi. Pressure and cramp-like pain in the stomach. In the morning, after getting up, an urgent desire to make water. Suitable to excitable, nervous children and thin, nervous patients.

Donate today so we can help even more! He is conscious of his arteries everywhere and the palpitation of his heart causes oppression of breathing. It is not mentioned in the test, but it is also worse after eating. Perspiration from slight exertion, especially on the abdomen and on the thighs. Voluptuous excitement of, and itching in, the genital parts, without external cause. Nocturnal weakness griseaa the fingers.

You must get the whole remedy in order to comprehend it. Spasmodic cough from tickling in the throat with expectoration of yellowish, or greyish-white mucus, tasting salt or sour, in the morning, with expectoration in the evening. If your browser has changed the extension, change it back to.

Flushes of heat, returning every fifteen minutes, worse towards evening. That is a sort of general feature of this remedy. The patient has an embarrassed air, the bashful state is very characteristic in certain connections. zmbra

You readily see you have before you one who is going down hill and going griseea insanity of one form or another. Wheezing in the chest. This allows for easy differentiation of the correct remedy.


Ambra Grisea (ambr.)

This is a paroxysmal cough, much like whooping cough. The first remedy on the left is the correct remedy and the answer to the exercise.

Infantile or other spasms. Feverish shivering in xmbra parts, followed by heat in the face. Tightness in the joints of the feet.

Ambra grisea | National Center for Homeopathy

It comes on from any little exertion. Slow of comprehension, has to read a sentence over and over again, and then does not understand, thinking powers are quite impaired. Home Contact Us Donate Store. Trembling of the arms.

Dreamy state of mind. Finger nails are brittle. Complaints are often one-sided; perspiration on one side of the body or perspiration on the affected side. Insipid or rancid taste. Irregular intermittent stools, often only every two days.

Home Contact Us Donate Store. Shooting through the head, lancinating, cutting pains, worse on exertion, better from quiet and lying. Pain in the head, as if caused by a strain from lifting a weight. Intensely shy, blushes easily. This remedy is full of bleeding.

Inflation and pulsation over the whole body, with great weakness after walking in the open air. Dryness of the mouth without thirst.

Convulsive movements in the muscles of the face. It is said that in Nat-m.