On March 12, Amitakh Stanford penned a piece titled, “The New Species”. It is very brief – approximately words. As she expressively forbids reposting. Amitakh Stanford – Xee-A Twelve Rescue Quotes. Uploaded by oneironaut. This document compiles all of the references to the Rescue, True Light vs Darkness. By Amitakh Stanford Many times I have discussed how the Anunnaki Elite are cordoned off from the Earth. This was of their own doing. When they fled the Earth .

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The important information therein, in a series of articles by herself and other researchers, covers the divine secrets of everything on Earth and everything in the Universe.

Amitakh Stanford

Woe to the World – The Grim is Come. They killed all of the Neaderthal species and created the homo sapiens through a second wave of genetic experiments. Amiitakh Promenade to the World’s Last Dance. Rudd had worked very hard for the country and was effective in many ways.

All particles in the universe have smaller particles within them that are capable of thinking.

Xee-A Twelve

Janice Tinara Wu’s Music Picks. True Light souls, False Light souls, and artificial souls. An example of what I mean is that the essays and material reveal the thoughts of a megalomaniac. Those who give over their Will are then “fallen” beings, and, for all intents and purposes, are beings of Darkness. Anything that isn’t popular is not evil and has been given to us by Godand therefore, popularity should be avoided at all costs which shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

However, the physical bodies housing all categories of all consciousness are made up of Matter Evil and are influenced by the programming embedded in them. This is, of course, because Educate-yourself has been programmed by the Anunnakiwho do not want you to know that they exist.


Satan is kidnapping viable True-Light workers and imprisoning them in his Virtual Reality. The implementation of the NWO has begun. The first Number to be spontaneously released was Number Four, which took far longer to release than all the other Numbers combined.

What if the Chinese people are being programmed to believe that toxic cane toads are culinary delicacies, and the consumption of the toads will benefit their health? Among these sites are many that are operated by people who serve the ruling elite. Some argue that the Sun is spherical, when in reality, it is actually a cube. The grand finale of the Xee-A Twelve website this article almost resembles a soap opera with a science-fiction twist to it.

After it’s done explaining how aliens have been raping humans, it starts talking about other ways society is falling apart. Even things much smaller than grains of sand have consciousnesses. However, over the centuries, the Qualas have so thoroughly separated the three main powers that they do not even share a common alphabet. You even ridiculously compare Amitakh’s work to Jim Jones’ and allude to “kool-aid” mass suicide, when in reality, there is not even a “cult,” in existences, and Amitakh has said multiple times that, “i do not advocate suicide.

If they give their Will to Darkness, they are spiritually assassinated and become a slave to him. They simply use London because it is in the most strategic location for world domination.

Amitakh Stanford, the Reptilians and the Vulturites. ← Sectes et Pseudo-sciences

Since England was the largest empire in the world at one point, it is only logical to assume that they are the reason everything sucks. That remote planet was Earth. After Amitakh’s second retirement from XeeATwelve, she proceeded to author a new website for the people who still cared about her work. The Kitos Will Fracture. The Greys have co-operated with the Reptilians because they have been promised that Grey DNA stabford human DNA will be merged and moulded to form a new race that will emerge as the sstanford race on Earth after the NWO is fully implemented.


The ruling elite have many ways of obtaining recruits to act as their agents. These stories have absolutely nothing in common, and only a complete moron would even think that combining these stories would be a good idea. To sane people, it is the best comedic science-fiction book ever written. Would anyone like a dustpan to collect these negative numbers and dispose of them properly?

However, after the Reptilians and the Vulturites started their drama war, the Reptilians hid the device somewhere in the Middle East. Our hero then proceeds to talk about how Christianity and Freemasonry are Satanic and how they are based off the Pagan worship of the Sun.

She is very like David Icke with a smaller fan base.

Xee-A Twelve – Encyclopedia Dramatica

Port Arthur Massacre Revisited. Some apparently harmless entertainment is hardly that. Her mission here on Earth has been to keep an eye on an evil alien being known as Ikluk, so in order to do this, she had to marry him.

Amitakh is not a doctor. Earth is an icosahedron. Stanfodd call Amitakh a cult leader, and myself and others the member of a cult, when in reality, there is NO “cult” in existence. After a few thousand years, Satan will die, the Universal Dodecahedron will collapse, and everything’s hunky dory.