Andrew Lahde’s Farewell Letter. Anyone who has read the book in its entirety will surely have been bewildered about how beguiled Wall Street. Retiring hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde: “All of this behavior supporting the Aristocracy, only ended up making it easier for me to find. Andrew Lahde’s goodbye letter (and what’s wrong with our country). One of my next posts, that has been coming together in my head for a.

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At first, I thought “rickroll”, but Conde Nast’s very own Portfolio. The aristocracy he’s railing against will hardly get hurt in the end. Good for this guy for reaching Fuck You Money.

Andrew Lahde’s open letter: “Goodbye and F**k You” – Ars Technica OpenForum

Pretty interesting rant, there. Primeous Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: The flaw in this pretty picture is that there are very few people in this world for whom the definition of “plenty of money” does not change as they earn more and more.

I guess he’ll have time now, and the moral authority that comes from having gotten lucky in the market backing him up when he tries to petter his new discoveries on us like a celebrity urging us to vote in a youtube video. Other than that, good for him. Goodbye and F You”.

Hedge Funds: Andrew Lahde’s Farewell Letter

Jun 24, Posts: Beg for attention much? I’ve been to the Robin Hood auction. Government, and then promptly made illegal after the war was won. I know I know, I’m amazing, but I should be able to squeak by for at least a little while with 8 figures.


faresell Idealistic, ultimately unreasonable points, but valid ones. Regardless of whether this guy essentially profited from others’ misery, it’s refreshing to see someone in his position who yet sees the true value of money; it’s very rare that you’ll find an individual so driven to make money, who also has the ability to then say, “Okay, 20 million.

Andrew Lahde’s goodbye letter (and what’s wrong with our country)

It’s like the height of irony or maybe hypocrisy to post in a rarewell forum about how stupid it is that he feels entitled to his opinion. Then he suggests that someone or more specifically George Soros figure out how to fix it.

Ahdrew really don’t have to be a genius to get rich managing hedge funds, do you? Between here and now. We’re in a horrible recession, tens and tens of thousands oof people are losing thier jobs, trillions of dollars in retirement accounts is vanishing, and htis guy think it’s a good idea to flaunt how rich you are and telling everyone to go fuck themselves. Sorry for the eyestrain, Captain. I’m not sure about that fff, the market normally does better under democrats, tarewell because they appoint competent people and worry about all levels of the economy.

There are far too many people for me to sincerely thank for my success. Archived from the original on 25 September And as for him being a minor player in a small hedge fund in an obscure corner of the market.


And when he did, he told other people to do the same, and closed with a call to help those who CAN’T say “fuck you, got mine”, because someone else got theirs.

Andrew Lahde

The only thing special about him was that he got lucky as to when he put his massively levered short positions on. On the one hand, good for him. This policy is ludicrous.

But hemp has been used for at least 5, years for cloth and food, as well as just about everything that is produced from petroleum products. Simply stating an opinion does not automatically equal that ones feels that their opinion is more valid than others.

What differentiated Lahde from many other hedge fund operations was an understanding of the underlying asset, residential real estate. Appointments back to back, booked solid for the next three months, they look forward to their two week vacation in January during which they will likely be glued to their Blackberries or other such devices. You should — he didn’t start the large fund until the end ofand it didn’t start performing until May contain trolling” Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: So kudos to Lahde for realizing enough is enough and to go out and enjoy life, see the world, blah blah blah