Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 10 Up—In this action-packed finale to the Angel Fever: The Angel Trilogy (Book 3) – Kindle edition by L.A. Weatherly. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Angel Fever by L A Weatherly – review. ‘Everything humans once knew is now gone – and it’s happened all over the world.’ XoXo, BOOK. Find out more about “Angel Fever”, write a review or buy online. Angel Fever: The Angel Trilogy, Book 3 by L. A. Weatherly, Narrated by Laurel Lefkow.

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It’s al I bought this on my kindle in There weren’t any nonsensical plot twists or derailments from what I had signed up to read. Another wave of angels arrives and Willow and Alex Kylar escape.

The rest of the characters were fairly great as well. We saw him die!

“Angel Fever” at Usborne Children’s Books

I pushed the thought away — not helpful. However, I recommend trying the second book and using that to decide if you want to continue. I guess you always will be. Is this a Pantene commercial? He glared at the others. May 01, l marked it as to-read. Her milky skin flushed. Though I always thought what he really looked like was a rock star, with the light stubble that usually coated his jaw. There was no reason to permanently ration power.


AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. They took the smaller elevator down. Great story, characters and lots of twists!

Angel Fever

Willow took a breath. It made the story seem more realistic.

It made me uncomfortable. Wow if i could give this stars i would! The destruction of half the world was still too much to take in; his mind kept skittering away from the reality of it. On a loop, Alex thought, his own shock and grief pulling at him.

Because with so many angels dead, the survivors are vulnerable too now. Ermmmm, the front cover? Clearly one of the most important things an author must do when writing the final book of a series is wrap things up, tie loose ends and leave nothing dangling–yet, at the same time, keep things fresh and exciting, so it’s not all about checking off the things that had been built up in the previous books. I could sense the fluttering pulses around me like a flock of hummingbirds.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Candlewick Fveer 26, Language: I personally do not find her to be annoying, except I sometimes got irritated with all the lovey-doveyness between her and Alex view spoiler [ before he “died hide spoiler ] fwver the romance triangle angst. In this book, though, I sorta respect her. She rested her chin on them.

I was just curious. They were great when I started Angelbut they grew so much! How come they had to go through such extremes to figure such a thing out? The disbelief over some things was just to strong to keep on weathdrly it.


If they fail, every person on Earth will fall to the angels’ appetite for human auras. Loved this series – for older teens and young adults, but was a lovely easy, and exciting read – ended as it should Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Willow learns a new secret about herself in the first instalment and finds herself not weatherlt running for her life, but falling in love too. Your typical dystopian story, with a new take on the angel myth, Angel Fever deserves an easy 4 out of 5. In my angel form, I paused only long enough to make myself tangible so I could grab the sensor from my pack; then I was hurtling through the air too. I have waited for so long and it is not “that” worth it. But it had been three days — three days — and he and the antel of his team still had no clue.

Two hundred and fifty angels.