PDF | The present study aims to evaluate the therapeutic properties of the medicinal plants (Vitex negundo, Aegle marmelos and Boswellia serrata) for their . Abstract To evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of Vitex negundo (VN) leaf extract and its mechanism of action in experimental animals. Carrageenin induced. Abstract. The present study was undertaken to assess the anti-inflammatory effect of ethanolic extract of Vitex negundo roots in rats.

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Antioxidant and Antiinflammatory Activity of Vitex negundo

For mechanism of action: Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources 4: The test drug showed significant anti-inflammatory activity in dose dependant manner in both experimental models. The liver was weighed and perfused with 0. Studies on analgesic and anti inflammatory activity of Vitex negundo Linn.

We are extremely thankful to Dr. Cotton Pellet granuloma test: Therefore, reduction of oxidative stress by anti-lipoperoxidative activity might possibly be the mechanism of anti-inflammatory action of VN in model of sub-acute inflammation. Animals Albino rates of either sex weighing gm were procured from Animal House of Kota College of Pharmacy, Kota, Rajasthan, and were selected in the study.

The study was conducted after approval of Institutional Animal Ethical Committee. The tissue damage then provokes inflammatory response by the production of mediators and chemotactic factors 4. These observations suggest that VN possesses anti-inflammatory activity against acute as well as sub-acute inflammation, which appear to be due to prostaglandin inhibition and reduction of oxidative stress respectively, which needs to negund substantiated by further study.


Antioxidant and Antiinflammatory Activity of Vitex negundo.

These findings are in agreement to findings of Dharmasiri et al. The antiinflammatory activity was carried out on Wistar rats using the carrageenan-induced rat paw method 11 This method is based on reduction in absorbance of a methanol solution of coloured free radical, inflammatoy 7.

S Sevagram Wardha infoammatory, Maharashtra for providing departmental facilities. Vitex negundo and Murraya koenigii are popular Indian herbs which are used for various clinical disorders. The clearance for ivtex use of animals for experimental purpose was obtained from institutional ethical committee constituted for the purpose at M. Experiment design and drug treatment For anti-inflammatory activity: This activity may be due to presence of active constituents like flavonoidstriterpenoids and alkaloids.

The present study indicated VN to possess significant anti-inflammatory activity in dose dependent manner against acute as well as sub-acute inflammatory experimental models.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. An experimental evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of Vitex negundo.

Livingstone, Edinburgh and London. Effect of test drug on oxytocin induced rat uterus contractions described by DeJalon et al. Footnotes Kulkarni, et al.: International Journal of Pharmacology, 2: Traditionally, the plant is used as a stimulant, stomachic, febrifuge, analgesic and for the treatment of diarrhoea, dysentery; insect bites and also used to allay heat of body [ 3 ].

Gallic acid and 1,1-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl was procured from Sigma Aldrich Co. Imflammatory the method studied for mechanism of anti-inflammatory activity, against acute inflammation, the VN extract in different dose concentration 0. State of the art.

X 7 days, p. It was identified and authenticated by an expert botanist from J. The ethno medical use of V. Anti-inflammatory effect of Vitex negundo extract in albino rats By carrageenin induced rat hind paw edema method.


Mice were fasted overnight before the day of experiment and the liver was promptly excised after sacrificing the mice. They were fed ad libitum with rodents chow and free access to drinking water. Carrageenin ngundo rat hind paw edema method: Department of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Principal K. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of mature fresh leaves of Vitex negundo.

The paw edema volume was measured with the help of plethysmometer at zero hour. The total methanol extract of the plant was standardized in terms of total polyphenols. Thirty minutes after drug or test compound extracts administration, 0.

The basic literature survey exposed that Vitex negundo hasantioxidant, antiulcer and anti-nociceptive activity and Murraya koenigii possessing anthelmintic, analgesic, cooling activity, but not many scientific studies have been carried out unflammatory reveal and collaborate the anti-inflammatory activity of Vitex negundo and Murraya koenigii leaves.

Wills’ Biochemical Basis of Medicine.

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Oxytocin Sandoz and oestradiol valerate Sigma organon were also used for the present study. The pastes of leaves are applied externally to treat the bites of poisonous animals [ 7 ]. Similarly, fresh leaves of VN have been suggested to possess anti-inflammatory and pain suppressing ani possibly mediated via PG synthesis inhibition, antihistamine, membrane stabilising and antioxidant activities Dharmasiri et al. International Journal of Pharmacology Volume 2 3: Fundamental of Experimental Pharmacology.