Antiphonale Romanum II: the First Volume of the Official Roman Antiphonary Romanum II appear on Solesmes’s website, putting an end to a 40 year wait. I received my copy of the Antiphonale Romanum II (Vesperale) a few weeks ago. My wife and I are interested in forming a schola cantorum in New York City to. The Antiphonale Romanum II is an eight-hundred-page book printed on bible paper having the usual format of books of Gregorian Chant published by.

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Antiphonale Romanum, t. II

I would like to examine it more in anfiphonale, but I have to part with my copy tomorrow to send to Rimanum Mahrt, who will be able to explain more. Roulin The Byzantine Liturgy by H. My edition of the new Antiphonale Romanum II arrived via Fedex a few minutes ago – all pages of it.

Vatican spokesman and deputy resign 3 hours ago. Anything to the contrary notwithstanding. Let people use it online, print the pages, sing Vespers, and then people see the need for the physical copy. As explained in detail on this MusicaSacred thread, the book provides Vespers for Advent, Nativity to Epiphany with feast days, along with Lent, Passion week, Triduum, and Easter season.

Office Hymn for Christmas 3 hours ago. The Stational Churches of Rom Sunday Vespers in the Parish Church by Fr. The first is that the book is beautifully produced and a joy to handle and look at. This new volume contains all that is needed for the celebration of the office of Vespers on a Sunday, for every week of the year.


Antiphonale Romanum II

Catholic and Loving it! Feast of the Chair of St. The ictus is eliminated, which doesn’t seem to be much of an issue given the shorter length of antiphons, but I don’t think there is any question that the elimination of the episema and the dotted punctum is going to create some confusion for people who are used to singing from existing chant books. The Other Place Reading the Summa. Three thoughts 2 years ago.

A theorist, organist, and conductor, Jeff Ostrowski holds his B.

antiphonwle Musings of a Pertinacious Papist. It will not hurt sales; just the reverse. Readings for the Feast of the Holy Family 1 day ago. It includes common and solemn tones for common and solemn intonations, tones for sung reading, responsories, intercessions, prayers, concluding rituales.

Important Clarifications from Ecclesia Dei St. The Struggle for Sacred Music: Ik submit news, send e-mail to the contact team. Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! Mary, Theotokos, Mother of God 15 hours ago.

It is absolutely stunning in its production values, and the product of many years of work by the Solesmes monastery. Stational Churches atiphonale Lent Series: Te Deum on Dec. Founded An essay on the founding of the NLM site: Corpus Christi Watershed is a c 3 public charity dedicated to exploring and embodying as our calling the relationship of religion, culture, and the arts.

Are they really bishops? Aidan Nichols After Writing: A Visual Meditation for Shrove Tuesday: Contemporary Representational Sacred Art: I’m curious about the structural changes but I do not know the details. For the record, Watershed in placed many versions of the Antiphonale online—but not the edition.


A Word to an Anonymous Northerner 2 weeks ago. He is not dead but sleeping 4 months ago.

PDF Download • “Antiphonale Romanum” ()

The hermeneutic of continuity. Philip Neri Berlin Fraternity of St. Very few these days will pay this kind of money for something they can’t see. Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment. For more articles, see the NLM archives: Alcuin Reid Ordo Romanus Primus ed. Sights from Candlemas from Mater Ecclesiae, Berlin An romahum man said, ‘If you acquire silence do not consider yourself as having gained a virtue, but say, “I am unworthy to speak”.

The Art of Illumination: The book comes with an introductory letter romznum the Congregation for the Divine Worship and the Discipline of Sacraments, as translated on the same thread: I’ll make a separate inquiry but if anyone at Solesmes is reading this, please forward the post and let me know. However, as with the new Antiphonal Monasticum, Solemnes seems to have given up any attempt at rhythmic indications: This non-profit organization employs the creative media in service of theology, the Church, and Christian culture for the enrichment and enjoyment of the public.