AR 740-3 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering NOTE: AR is a Joint Service Instruction and is also DLAI , AFMAN (IP), NAVSUPINST A, MCO A (The true file name when . provide extensive information about AR ( ).

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Packaging, Storage, and Containerization Center.

Function The function covered by this checklist is the management of storage and supply operations for Army supply installations. As an exception, the equipment serviceability criteria ESC used for reporting will be based on the ESC at the time of initial entry of equipment into Phase II, or the most recent Phase II cyclic inspection if the latter occurred on a more recent date.

Explanation to changes in total covered or improved open storage from one report period to the next which exceed 50K gross square feet GSF for activities reporting 1 million or more GSF. CH space, where available, will be used for the storage of those items that will best benefit from such.

AR 740-3 Stock Readiness

Representative types of equipment not requiring controlled humidity storage are as follows—. For example, if the height from the floor to the top shelf is 12 feet and material can be stacked on the top shelf to a height of 4 sr, the attainable stacking height is 16 feet for that specific set. You’ve come to the right place.

Authority for execution and evaluation of this program is delegated to the Commander, AMC. The last receiving report number issued by the installation prior to the end of the reporting period.


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Army prepositioned stocks control a. Number of copies and routing.

Type of storage space required. All entries requiring an expression of area in cubic space capacity will be computed by multiplying. Training and Doctrine Command. This includes all space that is allocated, assigned or used for the storage of material other than that owned by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or the Defense Logistics Agency. In the absence of a list of material comprising the storage objective, the percentage to be provided covered and open space will be 95 percent covered to 5 percent open.

Support space includes all space used for preservation and packaging, assembly, packaging and crating, container manufacturing, receiving, inspection and identification, shipping, and material conveyor systems. Army storage space reporting a.


Include all storage space, regardless of its location, or the purpose for which it was designed or is designated. Is list of line data as defined in the glossary? Under the direction of a QASAS, designated civilian technicians, including local nationals and military ammunition inspectors military occupational specialty 740–3 89Awho have been appropriately trained, may supplement and assist QASAS in accomplishment of these functions.

Included are depot, project, operational loads, APS, pre—positioned war reserves, basic load, training stock, and components used for assembling ammunition. It does not include space equipped with operating humidity control devices, areas specially designed for storage of flammable or hazardous materials conforming storage.

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Army activities receiving requests for storage space from DOD components or other Government agencies are responsible for specifying, at the time of such requests, data to support programming requirements and procedures needed to ensure proper storage space management.


Overseas commanders are authorized to allocate space at installations under their. Adjutant General supply facilities. Suitability, siting, use of facilities and the proper use of storage drawings and methods.

The provisions of paragraphs a and b above are not intended to restrict the temporary use, not to exceed 60 days, of a facility in the event of an emergency. Answers that indicate deficiencies must be explained and corrective action indicated in supporting documentation. Ammunition Surveillance Modernization Program. Covered general purpose, heated: What award is related to the Award Abbreviation: Each installation, activity, and 740–3 concerned will establish and maintain an ammunition surveillance and quality assurance program in accordance with AR —6, this regulation, Supply Bulletin SB —1 and other applicable SBs.

To prevent item deterioration, reduce the costs of initial and recurring care and extend the shelf life of items, supplies and equipment should be afforded the protection of covered storage.

Types of warehouse space. Density factors, page 19 Table 4—2: The unobstructed stacking height is defined as the distance between the floor and the lowermost point of overhead obstructions, for example, sprinkler heads, joists, rafters, beams, roof trusses, lighting fixtures, duct work, etc.

This also applies to installations, not currently required to report, that expand their covered storage space to 50, GSF, or more. In the case ae unimproved open areas, only that space actually 74-3 by stored material or used in support of storage operations will be reported.