Aroj Ali Matubbar by × ; 70 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Bangladesh. 0 references. British Raj. Aroj Ali Matubbar: Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh. By Ajoy Roy. The Background. I would not like to elaborate the concept of Rationalism in front of. Matubbar, Aroj Ali () self-taught philosopher, was born on 17 December to a farming family in the village of Lamchari in barisal.

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In this manner, making enquiries about the whys and wherefores, man has built up the massive structure of science today.

Rationalist matubar, self-taught philosopher and apostateand writer. There are other examples too: The Brahmin asked where was the agricultural filed- was it not far away?

With his own money he published the book and he himself drew and designed the cover -page. Proposition IV, dealing with religious matters containing as many as 22 questions. He was an unusual type of writer. Bose, then al young Reader in physics of an unknown university called ‘Dacca University’ in an attempt to derive Planck’s famous law of radiation gave birth of ‘Quantum Statistics’ – a statistics obeyed by bosons i. There is nothing above mankind. According to this simple materialism, as understood katubbar those simple thinkers, categorically says that creation is the result of union of the menstruation of women and sperm of men, and there is nothing outside the body.

He was a son of poor cultivator and brought in an agricultural background. Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh. But who were Asuras? Human being is at top of all truths, There is nothing above mankind.


Aroj Ali Matubbar – Wikipedia

In this school Aroj learned how to read and write Bangla and very little of Arabic of no significance. But our quest would be discover those tools and methodology of logic if old logics fail us.

In the 9 th Question he raised some inquireis regarding Space, Time and Energy. Again there is no end of differences of opinions in the sphere of religion.

But the magistrate on return to the district head quarter filed a case against Aroj and issued warrant mayubbar his arrest.

Aroj Ali Matubbar | Biography

Perception is the only direct proof of existence. In the preface of his book on Mystery of Creation, he humbly submitted as follows: To day it has take a shape of a big tree branching out with all its trunks and sub-trunks in all directions. Here I remember a story. Matubbar lost his father at an early age. Our religions are quite silent about all these embarrassing questions.

He elaborated his question by saying that our body consists of material elements like flesh, fat, blood etc. We will present some of the questions, which usually arise, in our minds when we think about religion by way of the reasons why these questions crop up. His work led to the discovery of some fundamental process in radiation chemistry of aliphatic and amino acids and their salts.

They tried to survive money borrowing from the village moneylenders. In the preface he wrote:.

Aroj Ali Matubbar

Proposition I, dealing with soul containing 8 questions. Will not snatch way my little things. In Srimat Vagbat geeta it is said. I then started noting down questions, not for writing a book, but only to remember these questions later.


And matuvbar is the nature of truth? Each cult in its own way tried to cultivate free and liberal thought.

In one of the songs of Lalan, a question has been raised about the hypocrisy of Matubbarr version: But the conservatives, moulanas, orthodox Brahmins tried to distort this folk literature preaching freethinking, liberalism and materialism to bring their orthodox fold. Lalan Sainjeeke sei Jan Chine!! In this manner there was the advent of imaginary religion. For this reason, Aroj Ali Matubbar began his fight against orthodoxy, obstructionism and religious narrowness with weapons of scientific rationalism drawing his inspiration from our folk tradition.

Result is we had to sell even our utensils for our livelihood. Since rationalists questioned about every thing to formulate their system of reasoning with ultimate aim of reaching the truth, they are also concerned with what would be knowable and unknowable with present context of our knowledge and amtubbar facts.

He had been continuously harassed and many a times interrogated by the police and civil administration of the locality.

He soon rose to eminence, albeit after his death in At one time he was taken matuhbar the prison. The Bengali version of the article has been later published in Swatantra Bhabna Ankur, Here are six propositions: Sabar Upare Manush Satya. Rather our concept of rationalism is based on humanism,- this is more so in rural Bangla.