In response to repeated requests over on BoardGameGeek, I’ve been working on a series of tutorial articles to assist ASLSK players in learning. Absent, however, was anything approaching a tutorial, or a guide to It may have been sired by ASL, but ASLSK owes its parent no allegiance. ASLSK Tutorial – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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The ASLSK Tutorial Project

Admittedly there is a great deal in these chapters that can be ignored when playing the scenarios in Paratrooper. One of the main things that confused me is the name “Attacking Player. Not untilhowever, did these turorial powers finally have their just due.

On the first day, trainees were treated to a forced march across several boards, traversing along the way much of the terrain found in Chapter B of the ASLRB. Players enter their results, and the program updates the win-loss statistics accordingly. Having played ASL for decades, a lot of rules become second nature.

This, and the following posts in this series, are an attempt to shed some light on what has become an offshoot of the ASL tree.

Such is the popularity of the Starter Kit series that various tutorials—not to mention rules, charts and numerous player aids—have been translated into French, Italian, Tutoriql, and Spanish. One, these occasional rules are not found in the ASLSK rule set, which keeps the size of the rule booklets manageable. Avalon Hill belatedly acknowledged this with the release of Paratrooper the following year.

But it’s a wonderful journey at any rate. I hope these are the results you wanted. However, the tiny by ASL standards rule booklet included with the first Starter Kit is not without its problems. Jay Richardson has produced a splendid series of illustrated tutorials. A Programmed Instruction Approach. The reason for the discrepancy is simple.


But none of these terms is listed.

Heaps of interruptions due to family commitments, but should have it published before the weekend. Personally, I think the buildings look more to scale than on many ASL boards. With a bit of imagination, future scenarios can be designed within the limits imposed by the contents of a particular Kit.

The ASLSK Tutorial Project | GameSquad

This may have worked for some ASL initiates with prior experience of Squad Leader —namely, the target audience. My second reservation is that a similar relearning process will invariably occur when a beginner transitions to ASL. There is, if you are clever enough to consult Section 4. Every teaching segment concluded aslskk the memorable lines: I had the dual book and paratrooper.

Imagine that you need to prove to your inexperienced opponent that you can recover, retrieve, gain possession of, or otherwise pick up a Demolition Charge DC during the MPh.

Then Crescendo of Doom. Note that any expenditure of MF counts as “moving” even if the unit did not actually enter a new hex.

I prefer this arrangement, in part, because when my half-squads Double Time, they invariably draw xslsk and break. The Axis Minor states are the black sheep of the system. Back in the day, the most advanced technological device in my house was a inch, black-and-white television.

The attention to detail was phenomenal. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.


The ones that I have completed so far have proven to be very popular Ignoring the rules for concealment was more controversial. I began my Squad Leader journey in and still remember the Christmas joy when Cross of Iron appeared under the tree.

In order to play all but one of the scenarios in ASLSK1, a player must read the accompanying twelve-page rule booklet in its entirety. I do have the ability to edit these articles, even though they have been posted for some time now, so I would be grateful for any notices of errors or suggestions for improvements. First, substantially different tables make it a bit tedious for an experienced player to teach someone at the ASLSK level.


Board q cropped and transformed into a winter landscape. The styling, new board format is tailor made for Starter Kits. I encourage players to highlight or otherwise annotate their personal copies if it will aid in their comprehension and retention of the rules.

What I find interesting is that I remember reading the related ASLRB rules section so many years ago to completely understand how it all worked. Although infrequent, new scenarios fitting the bill have appeared in later publications.

It’s too bad that there isn’t an easier way to get highschool students introduced to the game. You must log in or register to reply here. In keeping with this aim, the Kits require only a small investment of time and money.

AH takes the wargaming market on faith. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Perhaps the biggest plus is the low cost. The lightweight and compact nature of the new boards has also led to their inclusion in periodicals.

Sitrep: From Start to Finnish: ASLSK at Ten

Given that there is no concealment EX: Faded Active Member Sep 18, The American player announces that the squad in zF7 will use normal movement 4 MF available.

I am sure many folks appreciate the time you take to make this all available. In a nutshell, Paratrooper did not provide a progressive introduction to ASL, because in spite of its allegedly introductory nature, Paratrooper contained no truly introductory scenarios.

By the time GI Anvil of Victory appeared, the rules had become a contradictory mess.