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The engine is belt connected to a special electric power-absorption motor which acts as a motor driver to start the engine and as a means to absorb power at constant speed when combustion is occurring engine firing.

However, the relationship to the performance of such materials in full scale engines atsm not completely understood. If the points do not fit an easily defined smooth curve, the injector nozzle is probably suspect and may require further cleaning maintenance or replacement.

When making replacements always use a complete mated assembly. Free Diameter after Compression 1.

Warning—Do not allow the fuel pump to run dry, except during the momentary periods required to switch from one fuel to another, because the fuel pump is partly dependent on fuel for lubrication. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard Translated Version s: The care used in the inspection, adjustment, and especially the overhaul of the combustion chamber components is a major factor in achieving these aims.

Lists and descriptions of these tools and instruments are available from the manufacturers of the engine equipment and those organizations offering engineering and service support for this test adtm.

ASTM D – 01 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

When the engine is running, the solenoid overcomes the force of the spring and allows the rack to move into contact with the fuel flow rate micrometer. D — 05 rate-micrometer is set to a typical operating position and the variable timing aatm lever is at full advance nearest to operator. Observe the face of the injector nozzle through the pickup hole to be certain the injector assembly is tightened evenly and coolant is not leaking past the nozzle into the precombustion chamber.


The following procedure uses a point higher up on the contour of the lobes where maximum lift velocity occurs. Tighten and torque the cylinder stud nuts to 75 lbf-ft.

The readability shall be at least 0. A slight shifting of the handwheel to achieve slot lineup will not affect the indexing.

Warning—In addition to satm precautions, compression pressure testing using a compression pressure gage should be completed in as short aztm period of time as possible to avoid the possibility of combustion occurrence due to the presence of any small amount of oil in the gage or combustion chamber.

We need your help! When the bubbles stop, the port has just been closed by the plunger on its upward stroke.

The fuel level in the buret will be the same as that in the fuel tank. At no time should the linkage setting permit the linkage to force movement of the solenoid core piece which typically causes loud humming or buzzing and ultimately leads to overheating of the winding.

Vacuum shall not exceed mm 10 in. Otherwise, the camshaft needs retiming either by shifting the cam gear with respect to the crankshaft or by locating the cam gear on its shaft by using one of the other three keyways. The lift specification is the same as for the intake valve. A change from alpha-methylnaphthalene to heptamethylnonane as the low cetane ingredient was made in to utilize a material of better storage stability and availability.

ASTM D – 18 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

The bypass valve must remain open for the remainder of the atsm pressure check procedure. D — 05 close and open the valve a few times to remove any entrained air from the passages before finally closing the drain valve.


See Specification E It shall contain a detergent additive and have a kinematic viscosity of 9. If the rise is less than 0.

The parameters which shall be indicated are as follows: Analyzed graphically, the respective sample standard deviations were plotted versus cetane number. Handwheel Reading Standard Bore Rebored 0.

Shut off electrical power at the main disconnect, lock out, if possible. When the level rises appreciably, the sump should be drained and a fresh charge of oil added. Parts for this crankcase are no longer manufactured. This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense. D — 05 in the container of diesel fuel oil. See Test Method D The injector nozzle can be a very critical factor and this should be the first item checked or replaced to achieve rating compliance.

The fuel switching shall thus be as illustrated in Fig.

ASTM D613 – Cetane Number

It is screwed in and out of the head by the handwheel to effect changes in compression ratio. Record the resulting ignition delay values for each of the reference fuel blends. The piston should be used to square the ring in the bore about 1 in. Reagents and Reference Materials 8. Warning—In addition to other precautions, avoid over tightening the x613 relief valve body fastening bolts to prevent valve body distortion and restriction of the plunger movement.

Lubricate the rings with SAE 30 engine crankcase oil.

Some of these settings are established by component specifications, others are established at the time of engine assembly or after overhaul and still others are engine running conditions that must satm observed or determined by operator adjustment, or both, during the testing process.