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When the measured volume has been collected, be certain not to drain any fuel from the tip of the dispensing tube as this will cause an error.

D — 05 Designation: Flow rate measurement must then be started almost immediately because the engine will be drawing fuel from the buret and the level in the buret will be falling. Part numbers are dependent on the three-phase electrical service voltage and frequency available at the site of unit installation.

A plot or table of handwheel readings provides a simple guide to selection of the reference fuel. The delivery tip shall be of such size and design that shutoff tip discharge does not exceed 0. When an interference angle approach is utilized, lapping may be performed but extreme care must be taken to exert very light pressure to prevent creating a groove in the valve face.

Check this setting using an injector nozzle bench tester, each time the nozzle is reassembled and after cleaning. Continued D — 05 A3.

ASTM D – 18 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

Lubricate the rings with SAE 30 engine crankcase oil. The typical sequence for this process is as follows: The variable compression plug mechanism should be kept free-working, and easily adjusted. Parts for this crankcase are no longer astn.

d61 Vapors may cause flash fire. A commercial multifunctional water treatment material should be used in the coolant to minimize corrosion and mineral scale that can alter heat transfer and rating results. Turn the flow rate micrometer clockwise as viewed from in front of the engine to increase fuel f613 shorten the clock time per unit volume.


Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Manually rotate the crankshaft through several revolutions so that the cylinder is centered.

Install the cylinder over the piston so that it is seated on the cylinder base gaskets. Warning—Do not allow the fuel pump to run dry, except during the momentary periods required to switch from one fuel to another, because the fuel pump is partly dependent on fuel f613 lubrication.

The selected fuel is delivered to the fuel pump inlet and fills the fuel sump or gallery. The setting should be checked each time the nozzle is disassembled and cleaned. An angled passage, 0. Some other parts may also be given attention during a top overhaul, depending on need. Use of a commercial injector nozzle bench tester is recommended.

ASTM D – 01 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

Thank you for interesting in our services. When the engine astj out of fuel, repeat the purging sequence. For volumetric blending, a set of two burets or accurate volumetric ware shall be used and the desired batch quantity shall be collected in an appropriate container and thoroughly mixed before being introduced to the engine fuel system.

Separate the nozzle from the cap nut. Otherwise, the camshaft needs retiming either by shifting the cam gear with respect to the crankshaft or by locating the cam gear on its shaft by using one of the other three keyways. The selector valve is positioned to deliver fuel from a specific fuel tank by rotation of aetm valve to the mark for that tank.


As an example, an engine located where the barometric pressure is mm Hg would be expected to have a compression pressure of approximately kPa 6 20 psi. After firing commences, back off the handwheel toward the higher reading direction counterclockwise until the engine operates smoothly.

Turn the injection timing micrometer clockwise as viewed from in front of the engine to decrease the indicated number of degrees of advance. The bypass valve must remain open for the remainder of the compression pressure check procedure.

ASTM D613 – Cetane Number

Greater detail is available from the engine manufacturer. If pitting or corrosion of these components is observed, the parts should be replaced.

These quieting ramps are flat spots in the contour which occur at 0. Summary of Test Method 4. Discharge tubing diameter shall be as small as practical to 0.

If the unit is placed on an industrial building floor of reinforced concrete approximately mm or 8 in. D — 05 ing steps should be performed as quickly as possible to ensure that the pressure readings represent hot engine conditions.

Qstm comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters. The variable compression plug is positioned by the screw action of the handwheel and the relative location of the plug is indicated by an indexed vernier scale. The valve head shall be recessed at least 0. The overtravel should be 0. Warning—Deactivate the engine unit before performing any maintenance.