Dinacharya, the Sanskrit word for daily routine, is a simple and effective way to balance the body. Our daily activities have a profound effect on. Ayurvedic daily schedule for vata, pitta, and kapha. each morning, you might benefit from following a daily Ayurvedic routine, or dinacharya. Dinacharya, or ayurvedic daily routine, has lots of benefits! Kathryn describes how her morning routine cleanses the body and mind.

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As you scrape different parts of the tongue it stimulates digestion. Ayurveda strictly prohibits sleeping in the afternoon. This is great for speakers and singers as it really freshens up the vocal cords. From here on, you can start your daily chores – be it work, study or performing other duties.

It is high time that we put our lives into perspective and do the simple-yet-right things. Post a comment, collect 15 Health points [ 2 Comment s ]. If you are a man this is a great time to get your own back on female members of the household, and hog the bathroom for up to 40 minutes or more! Following a daily routine helps create a sense of purpose and sanity in an otherwise chaotic world. Bathing is cleansing and refreshing. The oil is pulling is not only a very effective way for cleaning the teeth.

It is important to meditate morning and evening for at least 15 minutes. Bathing Bathing is cleansing and refreshing. Gentle, daily oil massage of the scalp can bring happiness, as well as prevent headache, baldness, graying, and receding hairline. Notify me of new comments via email.


A Detailed Explanation of the Ayurvedic Dinacharya or Daily Routine!

Skipping lunch or having late or irregular lunch is the primary reason for many metabolic disorders. Again you can use warm sesame oil. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: As part of our conscious attempt to understand and implement the simple-yet-effective principles of Ayurveda in our everyday living, we should try and redesign our daily routines on these lines:.

We should try and wake up two hours before Sunrise. Nasal Drops Nasya Putting 3 to 5 drops of warm ghee or oil into each nostril in the morning helps to lubricate the nose, clean the sinuses, and improve voice, vision, and mental clarity.

It strengthens the bone in the teeth and helps stop bleeding gums. Now you are full nourished, detoxed and ayurvedically balanced ready to start your work or duties for the day.

The Daily Routine

Pranayama is the fastest way to calm your mind. Adequate sleep is paramount for the body to perform its functions well. Cook Once, Eat Twice! Meditate for some time.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Splash your face dinacharyx cold water and rinse out your mouth.

This is considered to be the purest time of the day. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! It is taken lying down a few drops introduced into the nose and sniffed up into the nasal cavity. Thank you God for this beautiful day before me.

Right after waking, look at your hands for a few moments, then gently move them over your face and chest down to dinachaeya waist. You can floss and brush in the normal way as recommended by your dentist. This is the Kapha time of the day and the body naturally feels heavy and is trying to wind down. So, a healthy breakfast every morning is paramount for the body to function well. Now drink another glasses of warm water, this again can depend on your type but good with little bit of fresh ginger or lemon.


Bathe once you finish your exercise. This time is extremely beneficial for students as they will be able to quickly grasp whatever they learn at this time. Traditional Dinacharya practices also include inhaling the smoke of medicinal herbs to clear the mind and various channels of the body.

Ayurvedic Daily Routine – Dinacharya

Oil Drops in the Ears Karana purana Conditions such as ringing in the ears, excess ear wax, poor hearing, lockjaw, and TMJ, are all due to vata in the ears. So you can apply natural essential oils and fragrances that ayurvedkc balance your constitution and enhance the aura of your beauty.

By having our dinner by about 7 P. You can use a tongue scraper or the broken neem twig. Your meal should be light in the hot months or if your agni is low, and more substantial in the cold.

You can now progress to pouring a little warm oil on ayurvefic head and massaging it in. Using natural scents, essential oils, or perfumes brings freshness, charm, and joy.