Welcome to this humble tutorial. The ultimate goal of these chapters will be to create a fully working arcade game emulation coded entirely in Blitzmax. It’s not written as a BlitzBasic → BlitzMax tutorial. My aim is to give anyone the opportunity to get a good start in learning the fantastic BlitzMax. This is the start of a fairly ambitious series of tutorials on how to write 2D games using BlitzMax. The first part is a Getting Started part where I’ll be introducing.

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As you can see we place the player in the middle of the screen. Burpy, Yes you are correct that it would blutzmax better to just load the image once.

Thanks a lot for these tutorials, without them it would be really hard to understand the commando’s like “Type” which proves very usefull in creating shoot ‘m ups. Finally we store the accumulator and tween values as Floats. Week Month Year All Time. If you are considering C then maybe, any of the other two then I would strongly suggest that you don’t, because chances are you won’t learn anything about programming at all and waste all your time trying to avoid pitfalls specific tuutorial those languages.

Learning 2D Game Programming With BlitzMax

Int ‘ how big is the array of delta values. Let’s have a short look at the Create method which is used to create a TPlayer instance. Blitmax finish the first part of the tutorial with a look at the updated main loop code.

Float ‘ nothing here yet gameTime. But if you want to learn how your game bltizmax ticks and also want to know about some more BlitzMax features you should read this paragraph. Complete Emulator source code. If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us.


Enemies will return in random intervals from the screen boundaries and move directly towards the player’s turret. But I will not explain how to create a project or create a new file as it’s all pretty self explaining. It’s a nasty mess. Adding TPaddle Game Object. But this is not a real problem, the community has dozent of dll-files so tutoriall the old Blitz3D can use things like bumpmapping or view refraction.

As you can see Bpitzmax added some more fields to do the FPS calculation.

Top down shooter tutorial with BlitzMax

The beginning Chapter 2: The tutorial is a work in progress right now and only contains thoughts and reminders about how to proceed. But what if you don’t have an instance yet? It might happen during this tutorial that I mix the usage of type and class as they are identical tutoriial class is the more often used phrase to me.

What is a Type now? So on a fast computer your ship will move in small steps but often because your main loop is executing bljtzmax quick. Then the main part of this series starts and that is the showcasing of several 2D Game programming concepts. You can grab the first part of the tutorial including the graphics and all the source code if you click on the button below. Titorial the next call to your update would be a few milliseconds too late.

I’ve downloaded Blitz3D and picked up a book. The last thing we need to do is add the player. I’ll buy it if you do: Space Invaders Didactic Emulator. Assari, Are you planning on writing a book for your tutorials and knowlege? I already told you that methods can be called for each instance of a type.

BlitzMax IDE(BASIC) Vs. C , which is better for beginners? – Forum –

There is even a separate GUI module allowing the creation of just about any windowed applications you can think of. This breaks many OO rules like encapsulation and information hiding of course. I’ve just added a new part to the basic framework series: The second class could be called TGameElement and contains old and new TCoordinate s and directions and will have all methods that are shared between all different TGameElement s.


So we use a simple single screen game without any scrolling maps or tiled background or such things. When loading the image we need to tell BlitzMax that the image was initially incbin ed and needs to be loaded from inside the executable and not tutoriao a directory. Float and DoGameRender tween: Blending Modes And many thanks to all the folks who have provided feedbacks. That means we need to implement the Update and Render methods later on in our type.

Top down shooter tutorial with BlitzMax

OpenGL I write game Snake. After all enemies of a phase have been destroyed the next phase starts with more enemies, harder enemies, faster enemies and so on. LogicFPS which is exactly our fixed time rate the update frequency, here A function can have zero to many parameters, not only two as in my example. Rutorial prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, 2DGamecreators.

But this function doesn’t take x, y and angle but bligzmax TCoordinate instance that is simply copied into a new instance. But hopefully the meat of this series will be enough to get the needed concepts for readers to venture on on your own. This would probably necessitate doing the other thing that you advocated which was tutoriial use a fixed reference for each type.

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You can’t really measure language proficiency in simple percentages, so I’d give up on that metric.