User guide • Read online or download PDF • Bosch FNMA-BS Base Sounder, Indoor User Manual • Bosch Safety. Get Bosch FNMA-BS Base Sounder, Indoor Manual. Get all FNMA- BS-WH | FNMA-BS-RD sv Säkerhetsinstruktioner 3 1 i! Reliez-vous à la terre à l’aide d’un bracelet anti-statique ou protégezvous par toute autre mesure. BOSCH SECURITY SYSTEMS | FNMA-BS-WH | Fire Alarm System Analog Base Sounder, Indoor, 15 to 33V DC, dB, IP43, to 70 Deg C, ABS.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The range includes versions with rotaries, manually and automatically addressable, and versions without rotaries for automatic address setting.

Functions Sensor technology and signal processing The individual fnm-420-a-bs-rs can be configured manually, or timer-based via the LSN network.

All sensor signals are analysed continuously by the internal evaluation electronics ISP – Intelligent Signal Processing and are linked with each other via an inbuilt microprocessor. The link between the sensors means that the combined detectors can also be used where light smoke, steam or dust must be expected during the course of normal operation.

Only if the signal combination corresponds to the characteristics of the application site, selected during the programming, the alarm is triggered automatically. This results in less false alarms.

In addition, the time of the sensor signals on fire and fault detection is analysed, which leads to high detection reliability for each individual sensor. Manual or time-controlled switch-off of individual sensors is required for adjustment to extreme interference factors.

Optical sensor smoke sensor The optical sensor uses the scattered-light method. An LED transmits light to the measuring chamber, where it is absorbed by the labyrinth structure.

In the event of a fire, smoke enters the measuring chamber and the smoke particles scatter the light from the LED. The amount of light hitting the photo diode is converted into a proportional electrical signal. The dual-optical versions use two optical sensors with different wavelengths.

Thermal sensor temperature sensor A thermistor in a resistance network is used as a thermal sensor from which an analog-digital converter measures the temperature-dependent voltage at regular intervals. Chemical sensor CO gas sensor The main function of the gas sensor is to detect carbon monoxide CO generated as a result of a fire, but it will also detect hydrogen H and nitrous monoxide NO.

The sensor signal value is proportional to the concentration of gas.

Bosch FNMA-BS-RD Installation Manual (Page 10 of 21)

The gas sensor delivers additional information to effectively suppress deceptive values. Since the service life of the gas sensor is limited, the C sensor shuts down automatically after a maximum of 6 years of operation. The detector will then still operate as a multi-sensor detector with dual-optical and thermal sensor.

It is recommended to exchange the detector immediately in order to keep the higher detection reliability of the version with C sensor. The panel programming software can be used to change the detection characteristics of the respective room utilization.

Each configured detector can provide the following data: The sensor is self-monitoring. The following errors are indicated on the fire panel: In the event of an alarm, individual detector identification is transmitted to the fire panel.


The terminals for cable cross-sections up to 2. The chamber maid plug an opening with closing plug on the bottom is used to clean the optical chamber with compressed air not required for the heat detector.

They also have a mechanical removal lock can be activated and deactivated. Note the information in the Painting Instructions.

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Parts included Detector version Alarm output Per data word by two-wire signal line Indicator output Open collector connects 0 V over 1. They overrule the following limits. Analog addressable detector with two optical sensors, one thermal and one chemical sensor, manually and automatically addressable. Their most impressive feature is their ability to prevent false alarms, as well as speed and accuracy fnm-20-a-bs-rd detection.

All sensor signals are analyzed continually by the internal evaluation electronics and are linked with each other. If a signal combination fits the detector’s programmed code field, an alarm is automatically triggered. By linking the sensors, the combined detectors can also be used in places where work carried out gives rise to light smoke, steam or dust.

Thermal sensor bsoch sensor A thermistor in fbm-420-a-bs-rd resistance network is used as a thermal sensor; an analog-digital converter measures the temperature-dependent voltage at regular intervals. Depending on the service life of the boch sensor, the OC detector switches off the C sensors after five years of operation.

The detector will continue to function as an O detector. The detector should then be exchanged immediately in order to be able to keep using the higher reliability of detection of the OC detector. This detector has the characteristic curve corresponds to class A1R. Maximum installation height Detector type Qty Components. In addition, it fits all standard bore patterns. They can be employed either as base sounders or stand-alone fnm-420-a-bs-d.

You can adjust the sound pressure by five levels according to the operational environment.

Depending on the tone type and volume set, the sound pressure varies between 65 dB Nfm-420-a-bs-rd and Sounders of the same LSN loop and with the same tone type provide immediate synchronization.

The device maintains LSN loop functions in the event of wire interruption or short-circuit thanks to two integrated isolators. Use the Bosch Planning Software for reliable loop planning. Constant sound fnm-420-a-bsr-d level between 22 V and 33 V operating voltage. Bosch Security Systems, Inc.

Bosch FURYO II Bedienungsanleitung Seite 4

Bosch Security Systems B. Bosch Shanghai Security Systems Ltd. Single action call points can be reset with boosch test key and by replacing the glass pane 3. The LED display 2 goes dark. Pressing the black marking 1 triggers the alarm. The alarm status is indicated by the changed window color 4 and the flashing LED 2.

Single action call points can be reset using the test key. The LED 2 goes dark. Individual call point identification Neither single action call points with glass pane nor resettable single action call points are reset on the fire panel. Individual call point identification with display of the call point address on the fire panel ensures the quick location of the triggered call point. The limit values should be taken from the product information supplied with the fire panel used.

For the flush-mounted variants, the bezel has to be ordered separately. Its use increases the storage room for the cables. Resettable single action call points: The alarm boscch is displayed by the red window 4 fnm-42-a-bs-rd the flashing LED display 2. The LED display 2 goes out. Fnm-420-a-bss-rd the black marking 1 breaks the glass pane 3which triggers the alarm and causes the LED display 2 to flash.

  AFI 51-201 PDF

Manual call points must be sufficiently lit with daylight or another light source including fnm-420-a-bs-r lighting if present.

Standards, guidelines and planning recommendations regarding the installation location etc. The regulations of the local fire services must be observed. This, in combination with eight candela options in one appliance, no tools needed for changing settings, voltage test points, 12 V or 24 V DC operation, the universal mounting base, and multiple mounting options results in a reduced cost of ownership. All the switches to change these settings can be set without a tool and are located behind the appliance to prevent tampering.

Cooper Wheelock has also designed these horn strobes to comply with: They are designed to flash at 1 flash per second minimum over their Regulated Voltage Range. Note 3 Strobes are not designed to be used on coded systems in which the applied voltage is cycled on and off. The Universal Mounting Base supplied with each horn strobe can be pre-wired.

The horn strobes snap onto the pre-installed Universal Mounting Bases with the Contact Covers removed and can be secured to the base with an optional securing screw. The Universal Mounting Base flush mounts on single-gang, double-gang, 4 in.

Note The Code 3 temporal pattern should be used only for fire evacuation signaling and not for any other purpose.

Indoor, dry Relative Humidity: Molded plastic fnm-420-a-bs-gd incorporating a Xenon flashtube and Lexan lens. Trademarks Trademark names are used throughout this document. In most cases, these designations are claimed as trademarks or registered trademarks in one or more countries by their respective owners.

Rather than placing a trademark symbol in every occurrence of a trademark name, Bosch Security Systems, Inc. It is not suitable for fire alarm use within the EU. This provides long-term reliability, low starting voltage, and extremely low current consumption. These features enable the use of more bells per circuit and greater alarm signal distribution than conventional bells.

The low starting voltage provides fnm-42-a-bs-rd stronger signal on marginal circuits. These motor bells eliminate the coils and contacts found in conventional vibratory bells. They contain a highlyefficient Fnm-420-a-bs-rx motor drive system to fnm-420-a-bs-r high sound pressure levels at lower current requirements. As a result, they reduce EMI generation problems.

The operating mechanism is enclosed in a die-cast aluminum housing, making the bells suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The steel gong and striker last longer and produce a louder sound output. This peak current surge exists for about 6 ms and must be supplied by fnm-420-a-vs-rd system power supply to ensure start-up of all devices.

If the system power supply does not have fn,-420-a-bs-rd surge capability generally provided by large filter capacitorsbase loading of the supply on the DC bell peak requirements rather than their rated current. The back box must have its drain holes pointed toward the ground. The knockouts in the rear surface of the back box must remain intact.