On 11 January the British Empire went to war with the independent kingdom of Zululand. The British anticipated a swift and decisive victory, placing great. British Fortifications in Zululand by Ian Knight, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Author: Ian Knight, Illustrator: Adam Hook About this book: On 11 January the British Empire went to war with the independent kingdom of Zululand.

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A small bastion jutted out of the eastern angle, so fortfiications it actually had eight walls in all. Bertram Mitford, Through the Zulu Country. Africans found in the vicinity of either camp who could not account for hem elves were shot as spies.

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The Zulu, conversely, could not sustain their armies in the field for more than a few weeks at a time, and needed to conclude the fighting so that the men could be released to their civilian responsibilities. All through April and May there was much forfifications and fro manoeuvring by the British, particularly with supply and transport.

Among them was Captain Warren Wynne, who had begun Officers visiting British graves on the battlefield of Gingindlovu at the end of the war. If there was no surrounding trench, the traces and ox-yolks were left lying in the grass in front of the wagon-pole, fortificationx these in themselves provided a significant obstacle to any potential attacker.

Gaps were left in the sides to provide loopholes.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Wynne tackled this problem with characteristic energy and ingenuity. The rest returned to the camp.

Battle of Ulundi – Wikipedia

His deposition was formally announced to the Zulu. Nor was it even necessary 189 there be a supply of water within the fort itself. The house, school and workshop had been pressed into service as sheds, and to prevent the roofs from being a fire ri k Wynne ordered them to be plastered with mud.

In the event, ‘Fort Durnford’ was too far from the scene of hostilities in to be attacked, and indeed forticications defences were so impressive as to deter any attacker. The Scottish Soldier and Empire, — Only with the forts of the coastal plain are we reasonably fortunate. High seas prevented Wolseley landing at Port Durnford and he had to take the road.

After half an hour of concentrated fire from the artillery, the Zulyland Guns and thousands of British rifles, Zulu military power was broken. Knight, Ian; Castle, Ian Communications with Eshowe are cut.


Whenever, as at Fort Eshowe, or any of the other larger forts in Zululand like Forts Crealock and Tenedos, there was a very large area within the perimeter, traverses and parados were constructed to protect the garrison from reverse or enfilading fire.

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British Fortifications in Zululand – PDF Free Download

Chelmsford used the next two months to regroup and build a fresh invading force with the initial intention of relieving Pearson at Eshowe. It may be that Wood intended this to be a permanent post on the lines of communication, and between 19 and 21 January his command built a work to protect it. A large wagon laager was built on open ground about yards west of the redoubt. Chelmsford received a Knight Grand Cross of Bath, largely because of Ulundi, however, he was severely criticized by the Horse Guards investigation [33] and he would never serve in the field fortificatione.

British Fortifications in Zululand 1879

Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. On 22 anuary the main Zulu army, 25, strong, caught Chelmsford’s column divided, and obliterated his camp at Isandlwana, killing over 1, of the 1, defenders. Over the next few days, the garrison worked with renewed determination, although interrupted by occasional false alarms, which sent the men scrambling to ‘fall in’, trampling Wynne’s careful profiles and half-completed ramparts as they went.

High ramparts of stone had given way to low angular bastions, planned with scientific precision to minimise blast damage, and which were protected from infantry attacks by complex screens of entrenchments and ramparts. In the aftermath of the attack on Isandlwana, the Zulu regiments comprising their reserve, about 3, trong, pur ued the British survivors to the border, and crossed the Mzinyathi River into British territory.

The fort itself consisted of an earthwork visible on the skyline ; it was garrisoned by members of the Border Guard. In some places, the rampart was as high as 8ft, to allow the troops to move freely behind it without fear of being hit by enemy fire. The rest of the battle consisted of a brutal slogging match in which the Zulus sought continually to regain their co-ordination, and Wood sought to frustrate them.

Such was the political background when Cetshwayo became absolute ruler of the Zulus upon his father’s death in British Fortifications in Zululand Each man carries his shield and assegais, and a kaross or blanket if he possesses one, he may also have a war dress of monkey skins or ox tails, this is all.


A Zuluoand of Natal. The British government rushed seven regiments of reinforcements to Natal, along with two artillery batteries. As they rode zulu,and the Mbilane stream, the entire Zulu inGobamkhosi regiment rose out of the grass in front of them, followed by regiment after regiment rising up all around them. Yet this victory instilled in the warriors a fatal over-confidence and enthusiasm, while at the same time giving Wood warning of the army’s approach.

Defense of the Rhine Steven J. Bulwer did not initially hold Cetshwayo responsible for what was clearly not a political act in the seizure and murder of the two women. On the other bank of the river lies Fort Pearson 4of a simpler design.

They were not placed in embrasures openings in the parapet for guns as these had the grave disadvantages of weakening the zulyland and were difficult to construct and maintain.

Areas outside the fort were designated as latrines, while tubs were proVided within the perimeter for the same purpose each night. The camp was not entrenched because it covered a large area, and the ground was hard and stony. The initiative for the war undoubtedly lay with the British, although those who had manoeuvred a political confrontation and planned the subsequent military intervention had expected the campaign to rbitish short, and the long-term regional benefits to far outweigh the costs.

I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Cattle kraal Smaller, better-built kraal Storeroom Cookhouse Ovens Ox-wagons Hospital Fenced garden Biscuit-box barricade under construction Two pyramids of mealie bags II Wall of mealie bags ft-high wall 13 Toilet 14 Wall abandoned during construction ft.

Customers who bought this item also bought. The final stage of the battle of Khambula. At the very fortifictions Wolseley was riding north from Durban, Chelmsford was preparing to engage the enemy.

However, inwar broke out between fortificatons British and the Boers, resulting in fortificztions British annexation of Natalia. Morrispp. The camp was surrounded and the cattered British parties driven back through the tents and overrun.