The Street of Crocodiles (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin) [Bruno Schulz, Celina Wieniewska, Jerzy Ficowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. The Street of Crocodiles and Other Stories (Penguin Classics) [Bruno Schulz, Celina Wieniewska, David Goldfarb, Jonathan Safran Foer] on Schulz, Bruno: The Street of Crocodiles revd by Cynthia Ozick; illus.

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This one started off very well with spectactularly rich prose full of well chosen baroque metaphores. I believe that even my mother noticed this strange resemblance, although we never discussed the subject. These stories defy real comparison.

It can be obtained here quite cheaply… http: It was a kilometre away. This was just his first collection of stories I crocoidles, not one of the editions that confusingly combines it with Sanatorium Under the Hourglass while still using the earlier title. There is always hope that someday it will been found. The Street of Crocodiles in the Polish city of Drogobych is a street of memories and dreams where recollections of Bruno Schulz’s uncommon boyhood and of the eerie side of his merchant family’s life are evoked in a startling blend of the real and the fantastic.

The Street of Crocodiles

He then reappeared and slowly stripped off his clothes and stood in his underwear. Page 18 – The Messiah, in which the myth of the coming of the Messiah would symbolize a return to the happy perfection that existed at the beginningin Schulzian terms, the return to childhood. The only sign that Jews ever lived there was a plaque marking the place where the ghetto was, used as an assembly point for Treblinka, one of the most awful of the death camps, and a Jewish cemetery defaced with swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti.

Grandfather saw that I was fidgety, and went into the kitchen. The curved jaw of the scissors tapped open like the beaks of those exotic birds.

I hadn’t meant to wake up that early. In an atmosphere of excessive facility, every whim flies high, a passing excitement swells into an empty parasitic growth; a light gray vegetation of fluffy weeds, of colorless poppies sprouts forth, crocodilew from a weightless fabric of nightmares and hashish.

The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz

There were a couple of stories I could easily have skipped, though I didn’t. To learn, to experience worlds, emotions, interactions that I don’t experience in my reality, to think, to be, to become.


But then perhaps I am unused to this kind of writing, sat as it is at the far end of the see-saw from the minimalism you might associate with writing coming from the opposite direction, i. Did anyone else see the wonderful Theatre de Complicite production based on this book? After we passed bruho few more houses, the street ceased to maintain any pretense of urbanity, like a man returning to his little village who, piece by piece, strips off his Sunday best, slowly changing back into a peasant as he gets closer to his home.

Too bad Bruno Schulz’s life was cut short at such a young age, as these tales may have been just a mere prelude of even greater things to come. Cockroaches figure in as equally as birds. All I know is that the narrator’s father was dying — hruno one point he was shrinking into nothingness and at another his ashes were inside a taxidermied bird of prey — except he kept being alive and was definitely still around on the last page.

I’d have gone instead for this side of his drawing style, for it’s lovely combination of realism and what might now be called chibi-ness, and which matches the caricature-like, fantastical nature of his metamorphoses of family and friends into his fictional characters. Tragically, he was shot to death around noon on November 19,at the intersection of Czaki and Mickiewicz Streets, on the eve of his planned escape.

Born in in Drohobycz—then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and ov part of Ukraine—Bruno Schulz is considered one of the greatest prose writers of twentieth-century Poland. Brnuo task was made even more difficult because I’ve read the English translation and bumped into a lot of words that I didn’t know, far more than in any other book I’ve read so far. Notify me of new comments via email. This book is on my wish list. This is astounding writing.

The Street of Crocodiles and Other Stories Reader’s Guide

o View all 5 comments. His cousin shows him a collection kf pornographic photographs, and their effect on the narrator seems not entirely pleasurable. Take, for example, the account of madness setting into a narrator’s father: As the stories progress, it seems as if madness gradually overtakes Jacob, but it is a madness measured not so much in how he perceives the world as in how radically isolated from it he becomes.


One of the most significant characters in the work is the Father, who is not only the head of the family, a merchant running a textile shop in the marketplace, but also a mad schluz endowed with superhuman abilities, a demiurge living between life and death, between the world of the real and the imaginary.

Another book from Les Plesko’s incredible reading list, it was a favorite of his.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I can barely help it. His hometown Drohobycz has a complicated history and a mixed population – in Schulz’s lifetime it moved from the Austro-Hungarian empire to independent Poland to Russian and then German occupation, since then it has become part of Western Ukraine via the USSR. Croocodiles a deep blow. One Saturday morning, I came downstairs, went to the bakery, and when I returned, I noticed somebody sitting in the study with a newspaper.

I was allowed to walk down to the remains of our home with my oldest etreet, Rudy. This is Aunt Agatha’s home, for example: It is somewhat like magic realism, but more primeval and mythic than the dark fairy tales of Marquez.

The shorter the better is our motto, especially as such a policy allows ‘The End of the Review’ to be reached more speedily. I used to call them cinnamon shops because of the dark paneling of their walls. The first recorded Polish sente Just intermittently rereading one of my absolute favorites These techniques caught the attention of and were discussed already by the first critics of Schulz, including Tadeusz Breza.

But before that happens, before the winds of history wipe away a small Srreet town, its houses and shops ,merchants and teachersbefore they destroy the author, let him seduce us and invite to his world. We have long since abandoned our dreams of that fortress, but here, years later, someone turns up who picks them up and takes them seriously, someone ingenuous and true of heart who understood them literally, took them for coin of the realm, and treated them as things that were plain, unproblematic.

Views Read Edit View history. Schulz does it very easily.