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Most producers blend sweet, bittersweet, bitter, and acidic varieties together to make a complex, balanced cider.

Calvados – The Spirit of Normandy by Charles Neal

Domaine du Grand Montmirail. Unlike table varieties we find on grocer’s shelves, the varieties used for the cider that will be distilled are small and fall into four major categories: Sedimentary rock-based calvadoss has good water retention capability but poor drainage.

Your browser and operating system need to support industry tye transport security protocol TLS version 1. The Fruit of Calvados: The soils vary widely from region to region. They are not the types of apples one would pick off a tree and eat, as they can be quite tannic, dry, or mouthwateringly sharp.

Paul rated it really liked it Jan 15, In this comprehensive study, Charles Neal takes the reader Calvados is a pear and apple-based brandy from Normandy, France.

This is a small drink of calvados taken between courses in a very long meal, sometimes with apple or pear sorbetsupposedly to reawaken the appetite.


Calvados: The Spirit of Normandy by Charles Neal

After two years of aging in oak casks, it can be sold as calvados. Scott added it Mar 20, Retrieved 2 November Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The longer the calvados is aged, the more the taste resembles that of any other aged brandy. When this happens, the label often carries that year. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Calvados – Wikipedia

With a history dating nromandy nearly years, the region has a long tradition of distilling their ciders into delicious and complex spirits. The Spirit of Normandy by Charles Neal. John rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Views Read Edit View history. Calvados Distillation and Aging Distillation is the transformation of a base alcohol into a spirit with higher alcohol through heating to the boiling point.

Scr marked it as to-read Nov 05, The New York Times. A metamorphic rock that changes when under pressure.

In the 17th centurythe traditional cider farms expanded, but taxation and prohibition of cider brandies were normmandy elsewhere than BrittanyMaineand Normandy. Domaine des Coteaux des Travers. This soil warms quickly and retains heat well. Neil added it Dec 20, Soil perhaps plays less of a role with distilled spirits than it does for table wines.

Very comprehensive and satisfying treatise on Normandy’s pomme-culture. Jan 23, Drew Elmore rated it really liked it Shelves: The best clays occur in sediments and sedimentary rocks.

Column still used by Alain Boisgointier to distill calvados in the Domfrontais. The age on the bottle refers to the youngest constituent of the blend. But soil does play a role on a tree’s growth as well as with an apple’s acidity level and pH. The longer it is aged, the smoother the drink becomes.


Calvados Appellations There are three appellations in Calvados: The first known Norman distillation was carried out by Gilles Picot, Lord de Gouberville, inxpirit the guild for cider distillation was created about 50 years later in With a history dating back nearly years, the region has a long tradition of distilling their ciders into delicious and complex spirits.

During this aging period, it will also be reduced hhe alcohol with the addition of water so that it nears its final release strength of 80 to 84 proof. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Distillation takes place once in a column still as is done in Appellation Calvados Controlee. Dwarf RootstockApples and pears can also be grown on dwarf rootstock. These regulated regions were grouped together in the s. Appellation Calvados Domfrontais Controlee This appellation, established insurrounds the town of Domfront in the Orne, from which it takes its name.

List of apple cultivars.