Carole Maggio-Facercise – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Carole Maggio has been teaching Facercise for fifteen years and thousands of people throughout the world have enjoyed. Carole Maggio Facercise (R): The Dynamic Muscle-Toning Program for Renewed Vitality and a More Youthful Appearance *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Cutting-edge antiaging treatments help lift, firm and tone every inch of your body and face, from Stem Cell Facials and Microdermabrasion to No Lipo Lipo massage treatments. But now mirror is my best friend and fxcercise says how beautiful my face is. Hi Carole, A huge thank you from another one of the thousands of women you have encouraged to feel better about themselves. I know you must hear from a lot of people, but I am very surprised by my results.

My name is Tao and today completes two weeks that I have been doing Facercise. Monthly promotion Set up perspiciatis unde.

More resistance equals faster and better results in a much shorter period of time. Carole, in two weeks doing the Facercises, I noticed that all of the wrinkles have gone, eyes puffiness, hollows under my eyes, my mouth corners have lifted up and my You have no items in your shopping cart. You can change the color of your complexion, give yourself a high cheekboned look, restore your lips to sexy fullness, reshape your nose, firm up sagging jowls, smooth out fine lines and reduce under eye puffiness.


[Get] Carole Maggio Facercise (R) (Revised) Free New

This book contains fourteen beginning exercises and nine advanced exercises to further tone and refine your facial features. I purchased the Ultimate Facercise DVD last year and have noticed considerable positive change in my features. Not only have my blackheads disappeared, my skin appears fresh and more firm. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

The programme is really awesome. Before Facercise I always cried on why my face was so thin with no definition and cheeks.


The explanations and photos are This is a required field. In a few months of being more dedicated, I will write you again and let you know how I am looking. When I look in the mirror it seems that I am another person.

This is the program utilized by royalty, rock stars, Hollywood celebrities, fashion designers and countless millions of clients worldwide. What is Ultimate Facercise? You changed my life completely. I am truly loving this look!! The result was fairly satisfactory, except that there were now small yawls followed by a frre coloured dent I assume as results of there being too much fat removed. The mind-muscle connection is mafgio a very important component of the program.

In just short of a month time, I have been able to decrease my cellulite substantially and tone and sculpt my thighs.

Carole Maggio Day Spa 8 min facercise

Carole Maggio Facercise S. I have been carrying out your face exercises for almost ten years, and cannot believe that all women do not have the good sense to do the same! I am so happy with the results and people around me are surprised too. Two years ago, I had liposuction to eliminate quite prominent yawls.



This book has given a lot of exercises that are not just good fgee help with aging but also addressing relieving tension and for health issues related to the face. Maggio, Fdee had a bad case of adult acne I am 36 and nothing seemed to help clear my skin. Your skin will feel and look refreshed, rejuvenated and smooth. As my New Year resolution, I decided to religiously perform the massage every night when I got home from work.

While the concept is quite believable I did not see the 1 week results as shown in the book. Carole Maggio is a czrole renowned skincare specialist who has developed and perfected an amazing facial exercise program over a twenty year span.

By utilizing scientifically designed precision exercises that work directly on the 57 muscles of the face, truly dramatic results can be achieved in as little as six days. Ultimate Facercise utilizes the body differently with posturing movements to create more resistance. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the maghio of this website.