Thus it is no surprise that every stirring in the field of theology also has repercussions in that of catechesis. In this period immediately after the Council, the. Magisterial Documents: Catechesi Tradendae. Apostolic Exhortation on Catechesis in Our Time Pope John Paul II 16 October The full document is . Perhaps no other papal document more eloquently articulates the importance of catechesis in our time — and how to undertake it — than Catechesi Tradendae.

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Accordingly, I give encouragement tradenfae the priests, religious and lay people who are devoting themselves to sustaining these pupils’ faith. Accept therefore what I say to you from my heart.

This means millions and millions of children and young catehcesi preparing for their adult future. Thus through catechesis the Gospel kerygma the initial ardent proclamation by which a person is one day overwhelmed and brought to the decision to entrust himself to Jesus Christ by faith is gradually deepened, developed in its implicit consequences, explained in language that includes an appeal to reason, and channelled towards Christian practice in the Church and the world.

Purpose of This Exhortation 4. But this is not all.

The variety in the methods used is trafendae sign of life and a resource. AAS 64p. I am anxious to give thanks in the Church’s name to all of you, lay teachers of catechesis in the parishes, catecheei men and the still more numerous women throughout the world who are devoting yourselves to the religious education of many generations.

Catechesis cannot ignore these changeable aspects of this delicate period of life. It is Jesus who is caatechesi way, and the truth, and the life,” 10 and Christian living consists in following Christ, the sequela Christi. They will fulfill this task all the better if they are humble pupils of the Church, the great giver as well as the great receiver of catechesis.


Paul, who on this matter synthesizes a theology that is latent throughout the New Testament, it is the whole of one’s “being a Christian,” the whole of the Christian life, the new life of the children of God, that constitutes a life in accordance with the Spirit. In describing the mission that this Spirit would have in the Church, Christ used the significant words: It is on the basis of revelation that catechesis will try to set its course, revelation as transmitted by the universal magisterium of the Church, catecgesi its solemn or ordinary form.

The age and the intellectual development of Christians, their degree of ecclesial and spiritual maturity and many other personal circumstances demand that catechesis should adopt widely differing methods for the attainment of its specific aim: In the Parish By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Catechfsi Policy. AAS 58 l tradendea, pp.

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This is the principal trasendae of catechesis, because it is addressed to persons who have the greatest responsibilities and the capacity to live the Christian message in its fully developed form. The plurality of methods in contemporary catechesis can be a sign of vitality and ingenuity.

The Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi of December 8,on evangelization in the modern world, rightly stressed that evangelization – which has the aim of bringing the Good News to the whole of humanity, so that all may live by it – is a rich, complex and dynamic reality, made up of elements, or one could say moments, gradendae are essential and different from each other, and that must all be kept in view simultaneously.

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Stephen, “full of grace and power,” taught cahechesi, moved by the wisdom of the Spirit. Preaching, centered upon the Bible texts, must then in its own way make it possible to familiarize the faithful with the whole of the mysteries of the faith and with the norms of Christian living.

Two documents prepared by the bishops resulted from the catechesis synod. Jean Frisk and Danielle M. The Message to the People of God first established the distinguishing elements between evangelization and catechesis.


Catechesi tradendae EN 61

Your work is often lowly and hidden but it is carried out with ardent and generous zeal, and it is an eminent form of the lay apostolate, a form that is particularly important where for various reasons children and young people do not receive suitable religious training in the home.

This is one of the benefits of the liturgical renewal. Catechesis aims therefore at developing understanding of the mystery of Christ in the light of God’s word, so that the whole of a person’s humanity is impregnated by that word. The image of Christ the Teacher was stamped on the spirit of the Twelve and of the first disciples, and the command “Go Moreover certain cultures still set great value on memorization.

7 things I learnt from Catechesi Tradendae by JP2

You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is a catechesis that gives catechessi to the sacraments, but at the same time it receives from catecnesi experience of the sacraments a living dimension that keeps ccatechesi from remaining merely doctrinal, and it communicates to the child the joy of being a witness to Christ in ordinary life. This means that “catechesis” must often concern itself not only with nourishing and teaching the faith, but also with arousing it unceasingly with the help of grace, with opening the heart, with converting, and with preparing total adherence to Jesus Christ on the part of those who are still on the threshold of faith.

Peter Canisius, it involved the publication of catechisms that were real models for that period. This special character has been rightly stressed by the Church, particularly by the Second Vatican Council.