While Cisco’s official blueprint for v5 is now more detailed that it has ever been in the past, it still Our CCIE RSv5 Expanded Blueprint is meant to be used as a checklist that you can use as you .. IPv6 RS & RA Redundancy. This CCIE Routing & Switching Written v course is specifically designed for covered in the CCIE Routing & Switching Written Exam version blueprint. Cisco Live in Orlando is just starting and everybody that has something to say about the CCIE R&S lab exam is speculating about the next.

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All I meant to say is if you are on your own bluepritn setting your study time is a lot easier. This is a good move, focusing lab candidates on the stuff that a routing and switching CCIE really does need to be able to do backwards and forwards.

I am learning Ansible with python to automation of Cisco and any networking devices. But there are topics that are universal between all of them.

Today I Passed the CCIE R&S v Written Exam –

Overall, Cisco appears to be moving more fringe topics over to written and adding modern, mainstream hands-on topics to lab. That is much better than I was expecting.

Next Post Next Retrospection and the Future: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Curious if the study process or method changed since The ideal method is a 6 month plan where you devote pretty much all of your spare time towards study and then take off two weeks before the exam to focus solely on lab exam practice.

Thank you Roger for this article. The lab, however has some bigger changes coming.

CCIE R&S v5 blueprint announcement?

You are xcie using your WordPress. The other mistake I made early on was straying too far from the blueprint. Since failing any one section means failing the lab, I can see the appeal of being able to take just a couple extra minutes to finish a ticket that you know you would fail the section without. When will the new blueprint be announced? But what it really comes down to is you and the CLI — focus on the technology, no distractions, and you will get there.


The most generic non-breaking-of-the-NDA way I can put it is that I felt like they tested some topics at a deeper level than I expected, and other ccir were tested more shallow than I thought they would be. New to the v5 lab is the Diagnostic section.

Ccje key here is that because it has no device dependency, the potential question pool can be enormous. Is it mandatory part of ccie?

In Search of Tech Looking for the next big thing. There are actually women studying for the CCIE. As they say, now the real work begins.

My question is exactly how and what did you make flash cards on? I learned over time that that was the wrong approach.

The OEQ section was meant as a means to foil cheaters, however it was universally criticized as being too subjective due to the open-ended questions and the fact that they were hand-graded by the proctors. Great insight on the mindset you took in and out of the written exam. Inspiring indeed, you have really hit a nerve and I am going for it. But the true from my side of view is slightly different. As the version had changed from V4 to V5 I took my time coming up to speed with all the new technologies that were in the lab, the main difference was DMVPN which was a new area for me.

My perspective is that if you are prepared to pass the CCIE lab on v4, you will be probably also prepared to pass it on v5.

Some Thoughts on CCIE R&S v5 | Herding Packets

On the INE bootcamp Brian Dennis said that the CCIE Lab exam is a sentence that you have to serve and you will either do your time before your first attempt or all the times up until your passing attempt. Tom Hollingsworth later followed up and mentioned opportunities for improvement. There is one thing that the CCIE Lab exam will do and that is to find your weaknesses, if you have none then you will be fine.


Notify me of new comments via email. The topic scope for the CCIE written exam is quite vast. No one size fits all. Last change was more than four years ago. Everything will now be like the Troubleshooting section and troubleshooting should stay as it is.

Also of the questions, I encountered perhaps five where the wording was kind of tricky and I would have missed the question had I not read it more carefully. Thanks for the response Roger. In that way, you will probably be more succesful even in the CCIE lab changes a bit.

Cisco has gained experience with difficult, multichoice questions based on a variety of pieces of evidence through the more advanced CCNP-level exams and even the CCDE qualifying and practical exams, so they should have this down pretty well.

I just starting to reading book from and my planned to take the lab will be in I saved up to take 6 months off to study full time which worked for me, still paying off the last of it now though 9 months later. I was under the assumption that the expert level must mean that a person knows absolutely everything inside and out about every facet of every protocol mentioned on the blueprint, so I started out by covering some of the topics at an insane depth.