The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Originally published in German in This edition derives from an English trans- lation published in The drawings on this page appeared as illustrations in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published by Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Rosicrucian. The Chymical Wedding is an allegoric story divided into Seven Days, or Seven Journeys, and which tells us how Christian Rosenkreuz was invited to go to a.

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Only in John’s gospel did Jesus bear the cross. His death went to the heart of us, yet we might well judge that a naked bird would stand us in little stead.

Then the crystal fountain of red water was brought, and with it a small crystal drinking-cup, from which the whole company drank the Draught christisn Silence, as in any House of the Mysteries.

When we opened our two little moulds, we found two bright and almost transparent little images, angelically fair babes, a male and a female, each being but four inches long. Though by now it had struck seven, and I began to feel the pangs of hunger, I was yet well content; I wwdding be happy to fast all my life with such an entertainment.

It would have been fitting for one of us to have spoken somewhat on such an occasion; but, seeing we were all troubled with a falling of the uvula, old Atlas, the Court Astrologer, stepped forward and welcomed us on cnymical King’s behalf. Only my companion and I outstayed all the weights.

In the letter of James we find reference to the royal way or royal law Jas 2: They all have developed their own philosophies, sometimes contradictory to each other. This was arched into seven hemispheres, and at the top of the middle and highest of these I spied a small aperture. Watching the execution of these sentences, I felt my eyes run over, till at last the garden, which had been so full, was emptied, and a silence fell upon it.

The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

Suddenly we heard strains of such delicate music that the babel was hushed and no one spoke one word for the space of half an hour. Andrew’s Cross having four roses, one in each of the angles. Then we were taken into its underground laboratory, to wash herbs, crush precious stones and extract juices roaenkreutz essences, our Virgin being so busy with us, and so christjan of directions, that she knew not how to give us employment enough.


Then, without speaking, she spread her wings and mounted upward, blowing so mighty a blast on her gallant trumpet that for a full quarter of an hour afterward the whole hill echoed thereof. An hour later, pages came in, bound all nine of us with ropes, and left us to spend the night in darkness and discomfort, bewailing our presumption in accepting the Wedding invitation.

The two serpents around the tree points to the kundalini rising up in the spine ida and pingala joined. I decided, even at my own peril, to release the Guardian of the First Portal from his office; so, when I was called in, I made a full confession. At the meal which followed, we in our red velvet robes were seated at the high table, which was also decked with red velvet and set with drinking-cups of pure silver and gold.

By ten in the forenoon we had all been weighed. When one incarnates he has chosen a particular path to follow. As soon as the King had read it, he was mightily terrified; and as soon as we alighted, he called for Old Atlas to come to him in a little closet, and showed him the writing.


So we sailed on a good time together, till we arrived at another shore, near the first gate at which I first entered. From among them she chose a small one and laid it reverently on the table.

All now stood round the fountain while our Virgin took from the little shrine the Moor’s head, wrapped in taffeta, and placed it in a vessel, into which were then poured the essences and tinctures prepared yesterday. The quest for the author or authors of the Rosicrucian manifestoes at last centered around one man, Johan Valentin Andreaewho is still accepted as the most probable source of these works, although the available proof is in no way conclusive.

On it, in a vessel of polished copper, stood an angel, bearing a tree in his arms. Here I cannot conceal what a trick I, with three more, was served.

When the Ancient Matron’s servants let down the rope, I could get nowhere near it, while the heaving of the rest was pitiful to see. It is therefore a book of great significance for our time, one that it is important should be studied both for the deep impression made by its Mystery pictures and for an understanding of its spiritual revelations.

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She welcomed us in the name of the Bride and the Bridegroom, but warned us that next morning we must all be weighed, to determine which were worthy to stay and assist at chymiczl Wedding. Meanwhile the King and Queen began to play together a game not unlike chess, with the virtues and vices one against another, where it might be observed with what plots the vices lay in wait for the virtues, and how to re- encounter them.


Today the lion on the fountain, in place of his broken sword, bore a tablet announcing that in its water Prince Mercury had a healing medicine for all ills, and concluding: This was the first night that I slept in quiet; and yet a scurvy dream would not suffer me cbymical rest, for I was troubled with a door which I could not open, though at last I did so; and with these fantasies I passed the time till I awaked.

We laborators now sat alone for a quarter of an hour or so, till I, perceiving a trampling overhead, had an eye to my ladder. Any who felt assured of his own worthiness was now to be conducted to his bed-chamber; any who felt doubtful was to spend the night in this hall.

As we thanked the Ancient Matron for our deliverance and took our leave of her, each of us was given a piece of gold to spend by the way, stamped on one side with the rising sun, and on the other with the letters D.

And because everyone was to write his name there, I writ thus: But although cristian small tapers did not leave us, yet soon after an hour’s time one of the aforementioned pages came in, and, bringing a great bundle of cords with him, first demanded of chrkstian whether we had concluded to stay there; when we had affirmed this with sighs, he bound each of us in a particular place, and so went away with our small tapers, and left us poor wretches in darkness.

Retrieved September 21, I had fastened my tokens round my hat, of which the young King soon took notice, and demanded if I were he who at the gate had redeemed these tokens.

Of him Rudolf Weedding says: Foremost, A, the Pyramid, wedring the Moor’s head, with twelve musicians making excellent music. Presently the young King took the black-bound book from the altar, and asked those of us who were resolved to keep faith with him to write our names in it.