1 Rules of Engagement – Cindy Trimm. Activation Prayer. As GOD’S OFFICIAL legislator and law enforcement agent: I come in the name of the resurrected Jesus. that Rules I am ofhealed Engagement and Spirit-filled; Cindysickness Trimm and disease are. Activation Prayer. I establish divine parameters, boundaries and. My season of frustration and failures is over, I walk in a season of success and prosperity. – Dr. Cindy Trimm from her book “Commanding Your.

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E ach of t hese are s cript ur ally based. I am a l igned with H i s will for m e to be the he a dnot the tail, a b ove only and not beneath.

Cindy Trimm: “Speak Life Into Your Situation”

In her authoritative, declarative style, Cindy Trimm helps you achieve victory over your circumstances through spoken declarations that activate God’s power. How did they get there? A ny attempts s h all only y i eld incoheren c y and mi s unde r s tandings.

By continuing to use pprayer website, you agree to their use. Fathe rr eb u ke and d is m antle s atanic alliances, and arre s t them by t h e Spirit. Are there people who live in that place that you can learn from? Let their m pfayer be retu r ned to th e m twofold.

Notify me of new comments via email. So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and struck the Philistine and killed him Whatever you sow will come back to you multiplied. Preparation what you do holds the secret to your future. You must manifest your royal anointing to decree trlmm over your marriage, family, business, ministry, and every other realm of your life.

I would like to thank you for helping me to understand the Word of God I am a Aboriginal woman in Western Australia Perth and am encouraged every time I listen to your preaching. A gain I reiterat eI s hall not be denied Dan.


Rules of Engagement – Activation Prayer by Cindy Trimm |

O n e harvest meets anot h er in m y life, c prwyer ntinually. A r obe of r i g hteousness Isa.

She travels up to 48 weeks a year, speaking and doing conferences. I am so very happy you were bless Dr. I decr e e and declare that the Spirit of the Lord is upon me – t he s pi r it of wisdom, un d er s tanding, di v ine c o u n s el, s upern a tu r al m i ght, knowledge, and o f the u t most fear of Jehova h. He declares something and that thing is established.

They line up their spoken words with where they want to go for a little while, then when they meet a storm along the way, all they do is talk about the bad weather and lose track of where they were headed in the first place.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The first to illustrate this was God Himself. Fathe rf r ustrate t h e s i gns of wit c hes and warlocks w h o withstand the anoin t i n g as You did wi t h Ja n nes and Jambres in t h e da y s of Mose s. I war f o r the releasing of finances and all re s o u r ces that b elong to me.

Using the authority you have been given by God, you can enter the realm of prayer-power. A double-minded person is a person with conflicting thoughts—someone who holds two different opinions at the same time.

I dispo s s ess master s pi r its and emp l oy Michael, other ar c ha n gels, and t h e angelic h o s t to handle any s atanic c o ntention sdisputes, s t r i v ings, and re s istan c e c o ncerning t h e s e in j unct i ons 2 K i ngs 7: Begin each day by commanding your morning.

I was raised on the word of God by my both Nyungars parents who were pastors who now have gone on to their maker.


I disappr o ve and p roh i bit a n y demonic inte r ception and int e rfe r ence or re s i s tance Dan. T ake c o mmand ove rb r ing t o a halt, and place a mo r ator i um on furth e r d e monic m o v ements a n d s atanic acti v ities emanating fro m: I can c e l and nullify s etback sdefeat sfa cndy lures a n d disappointments f or e v e cinry P s. I neut r al i ze t hem all 1Sam. T he go s pel o f peace to c over cijdy feet Isa.

Rules of Engagement – Activation Prayer by Cindy Trimm

She so wise in what she teaches that you must share it to help others this woman is acgivation a blessing it has changed our lives also. A king has the legal power to decree, which is an old English word for “legislate.

T h e y will e m power you t o fight the g ood fight cindj faith. Write about it in your journal. I would like to receive daily devotionals from Dr Cindy Trimm. I am convinced that Believers tend to live beneath the standard God has ordained for His children because of ignorance.

We love her so much she the best!

Cindy Trimm: “Speak Life Into Your Situation”

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Line up your mouth—the rudder of your life—with where you are going. It is time to take a stand against the powers of satan.

Mel c h i zed e k anointing G en. Your season of frustration and failure is over, and you walk in a season of success and prosperity.