When Mr Clunis came back for his first depot injection he also saw the SW Because of the last SW’s report she believed he had no history of. Investigation report in accordance with HSG (94) 27 and the NHS England . the Ritchie Inquiry which had been tasked with reviewing Mr Clunis’ care. The. According to his solicitor, Christopher Clunis, who was found guilty of Report suggests that because Clunis was black there was an undue.

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She was only rarely informed of his discharge from hospital and no member of the family was ever contacted when he was compulsorily detained, despite their statutory right under the Mental Health Act.

For 17 years, that erport heading up The Zito Trust, the charity she co-founded and which developed into an influential lobbying organisation aimed at supporting victims and improving the delivery of community care services to the severely mentally ill.

We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. He had cluis human right to life and his life has been deprived because of a failure to offer the clinical and social support that his illness demanded. In fact, it may well be that asylums are cheaper overall than community care, because of the economies of scale.

BBC News | Health | Community care failures

Because there was no space in the local hostel he was taken to one in Tulse Hill in South London, troublingly unfamiliar territory. Since the Sixties the basis of community care has been the availability of effective medication, the sine qua non of the business.

Yet keeping someone stable in the community can only be guaranteed if regular medication is part of that process. Their numbers have gradually increased over the last ten to fifteen years, and Christopher Clunis was certainly representative of them.

There is no formal mechanism of repot, and again no additional resources can be identified by this procedure. The next day one of the boys saw the man again, followed him home and went to the local police station and told them the address — Marlborough Road.


Nothing else will have been achieved practically.

He joined the Aqua Vita Showband; inwhile he was touring with the band, his mother died clnuis she had had a stroke in and his parents had gone back to Jamaica. They would much prefer to live in their own flat, possibly accumulating rent arrears and bills, but at least enjoying their own lifestyle.

This approach is formalised under Section of the Mental Health Act, in which such meetings and plans are a statutory duty. The resulting report approximates in scope to the public inquiry for which Jayne Zito originally dlunis and also comes close to endorsing her explanation of the causes of the murder. Visit our adblocking instructions page.

It was there in that schizophrenia was first diagnosed.

In such circumstances going back into an acute psychiatric ward can be a considerable relief, not only because one may reporrt treated for unpleasant symptoms, but because one continues on full benefit for a number of weeks, and bills may be paid off.

But community care needs the ward as well as respite care, for the inevitable relapses: The man chased the children in between the cars parked in the street, again waving a screwdriver.

In the week before he murdered Jon, he attacked a stranger in the face with a screwdriver, threatened a couple with a bread-knife and tried to hit his GP.

It took years for people to say they were sorry. T oday, figures from Manchester University suggest an average of 32 homicides a year are committed by schizophrenics – and organisations such as Hundred Families are campaigning for greater transparency in the aftermath of mental health homicides. Of course, if there is no ward clerk to organise the paperwork, and no spare key worker to take on yet another severely disabled individual, all the planning in the world will not help.

The policeman who eventually arrived said that he thought he knew who the culprit was, that he lived locally and that he was mentally-ill — and so was unlikely to be prosecuted. In the end there is little difference, and compared to the revenue-saving device of making someone homeless both are grossly expensive.


The headlines today tell us nothing has changed. She and her colleagues were waiting for him to turn up when they were told that he had been arrested for murder the previous day. Surrounded by all the detritus of family life with two teenage sons, it is a silent yet resounding reminder of her first husband, Jonathan Zito, who was stabbed to death by a paranoid schizophrenic at Finsbury Park tube station in London, 23 years ago, just months after they were married.

Asylum care is no longer available, so they wander around the system, a stage army of troubled individuals, hiding cpunis the woodwork so to speak, and re-emerging when their behaviour becomes socially unacceptable.

Given a choice between living in their own home and being in hospital, the great majority would prefer to be out of hospital: T o compound the misery, Jayne, then 28, had only just picked up the photos of their wedding from Boots, when police tracked her clumis to break the news.

Clunis was born in in Muswell Hill, North London of Jamaican parents and went to school in Luton where his father worked at the Vauxhall car plant. Log In Register for Online Access.

Who Cares?

It is the restriction order, outlined in Section 41 of the Mental Health Act. A number of individuals already live in the community under this order, which can only be imposed by a judge in a Crown Court. Mrs Parashar rang the police, as did one of the boys and a local shopkeeper.