Cobray Streetsweeper Shotgun Schematicshome Made Of cobray Street Sweeper Shotgun Manual – Pdf class 3. Manual only – Cobray Street Sweeper 12 gauge al,23 pages, excellent condition. for sale by Roachs Sporting Goods on GunsAmerica. Cobray Sweet Sweeper 12 Ga. 12 Shot Shotgun Parts Kit.

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Law Enforcement Sales catalog. The legacy of Cobray is a poor one, with most firearms collectors and enthusiasts agreeing that the company’s products were poorly designed and marketed, as well as being impractical.

VSS AS 9x39mm integrally suppressed sniper rifle. English language factory brochure, The Complete Book of Combat Shotguns. English and Russian language.

Sweeper: Cobray Street Sweeper

In the s and s, Cobray was a counter terrorist training center in addition to being an arms maker under the leadership of Mitch WerBell.

After some legal troubles, the company changed its name to Leinad Daniel spelled backwards and produced at least four new models which were designed to conform with the ban on sreet weapons that was then in effect. Vityaz-SN submachine gun- 9x19mm. Second printing, June June 26, sales brochure with machine guns and parts and some machine guns from the 20th Century Fox movie studio collection and the Myers War Museum.

Xweeper most machine guns of the time in comparison to the Maxim, along with photos of catastrophic events, maps, charts. IWI catalog,Portuguese Language.


Woodend at the Pattern Room at Enfield Lock. Includes hand drawn breakdown of the strwet. The Story of a Gun. Tsniitochmash factory brochure,English Language.

Accles Machine Gun- similar to the manual, from a photocopy, different illustrations. The Rexer Automatic Machine Gun. The Cobray Company was an American developer and manufacturer of sub-machine guns and automatic carbines, handguns and shotguns as well as non-lethal 37 mm launchers.

English, German, and Hungarian Magyar language. Long discussion on ammunition and powders with much relevant history. Accles Machine Gun, Carriages and Mounts. Museum may be Dormant as of Infantry Volume 58, Nov-Dec Street Sweeper 12 shot, 12 gauge repeating shotgun.

Read our article on a visit there. The owners of Leinad chose to shut down the company because of the changes in the gun laws and the divorce of company founders Wayne and Sylvia Daniels.

Amazing offerings of semi-auto variants of PM63, M16, M4, Kalashnikovs, along with handguns and sporting shotguns and rifles. November final report on the Tunnel weapon- a revolver using a modified captive piston type ammunition that was silent and launched shot. HK Factory brochure, explaining the entire concept. PSS captive piston silent pistol, 7.

Full handbook, English language.

Ordnance Technical Intelligence Report No Leatherwood Adjustable Ranging Telescope- M Evaluation of Norma 5. If swedper recognize this, please let us know who it was from.


WTS: Cobray S/S Street Sweeeper DD – NFA Market Board – Forums

SIG Swiss made submachine gun, in calibers 7. Courtesy Branko Bogdanovic Collection. Military Carriages and other manufactures of the Royal Carriage Department. Handbook style, excellent photos.

A one-stop shop for all types of parts kits.

Thompson 50 round C-Drum. For the Portuguese style. Republic Arms, Houston Texas. HK Factory brochure, English language color photos and diagrams, complete description of the system. US Government document, Starting in the s, Dan Shea would send letters to anyone who advertised Class 3 items in any publication, to gather info and see what could be bough Courtesy Dan Shea, Small Arms Review Reference Library. Discussing what was known about the SM Original document used for Drill.

This includes the report, the correspondence from the companies involved in the project to Ed Ezell, and a series ofDecember Factory catalog fromweapon components, Flexible ammunition chute.

Lots of transferables and some Dealer Sales Samples.

PistolsShotgunsRiflesAutomatic Firearms. M79 40mm launcher- TM, July They sstreet just demo guns, shooters. At the time, before the 19 May law, there was no distinction about being able to keep these on ending SOT.