CDV. Comcast digital voice. CIFA. Program for travel expenses. CSG/ACSR. Computer billing system advanced customer service rep. CU. Comcast university. Start studying Comcast Final Exam Review. Comcast Knowledge Base . troubleshooting guides and knowledge base articles can be found in ACSR. False. “CSG will help us provide more consistent customer interactions by creating opportunities to standardize and streamline our back-office operations.” Comcast .

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I will have to look into it. It also depends on comcat supervisor, some will take calls and some will deflect them to someone else. The Sopranos Sessions see more I’m not sure what they mean by router control card. Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me.

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Right now x1 installs are limited to new triple play customers. But then again, there’s still data to come across and I assume Netflix just doesn’t want comcaat pony up either. No monthly transfer caps or reliability issues here.

Thanks for the AMA. So to rectify this, Comcast tries to split the incoming Netflix traffic across it’s peers, when possible. Who would be above a supervisor?

Comcast isn’t willing to upgrade because they want Netflix to pay for the extra bandwidth. No problem at all. We are pretty much told to handle all calls ourselves as best as we can.

Use for to create your resume on Indeed and apply to jobs quicker. Was only asked to purchase a signature warranty that would allow them to help me. Oh, and fuck Comcast. Same sort of situation here. Sure, we have a lot of smart devices in our home laptops and phones, mostly but I doubt that’s it. Suddenly, everyone is downloading a LOT more, and the theoretical link between Zayo and Comcast becomes imbalanced. Do technicians ever get fired? But man, once you have it up and running, the windows media center with a cable card experience is extremely good.


Are your call reps actually trained to be unhelpful? You pay Comcast for access to their network. How many sick days do you get per year? Acsr jobs Filter comcst by: A lot are, but not all. Why don’t technicians put notes into tickets even when I specifically ask them to do so Do technicians ever get comcasr Sounds like it could an issue with our central office. Sometimes they work, but usually they don’t.


My signal came through as a scrambled, digitally distorted mess of colors on the screen. And believe me, as tech I would love to see the day where everyone has access to stable, very fast internet where they can push as much traffic over it as possible.

If you suspect signaling issues call in ask and ask the comcast rep to run a ping test.

Based onsalaries. What is the work environment and culture like at Time Warner Cable? So if Comcast would just grab some and cache the data locally, this would work much better. That kind of pressure gets to people and they take it out on the customer.


Just basic cable, and signed up for internet. The official statement according to Comcast is “it was a hardware failure with the router control card.

Comcast Training by Catalina Laserna on Prezi

Comcast then goes out and brokers deals with that money, allowing you access to the REST of the internet. Centralized Support Operations team is a group of dedicated, service-oriented professionals who act as the interface between field Sorry your bill wouldn’t be any lower, and if you are just getting local channels, which is our very basic, than that is already are lowest package.

I was told that “more voltage was coming from my router than going to it,” resulting in my slow connection. I’m also in Georgia and the Comcast web site wouldn’t let me see prices or install related items for my address. Most of my knowledge comes from tech support and billing related matters. La Porte, Indiana – CareEnroll. I am a Comcast Tech support rep. If you were in charge, what would you do to make Wide Open West a better You’re making tons off of us and we get jack.

Are they trained to dodge questions while simultaineously offering some service you dont need?