Le Rosaire est une prière universelle, utilisée en presque toutes les langues et dans la plupart des pays. Comment faire adopter cette prière à tout le monde?. Les mystères glorieux constituent la dernière des quatre séries de cinq mystères médités dans la prière catholique du Rosaire. . En cas de réutilisation des textes de cette page, voyez comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. 7 oct. Il composa lui-même une méthode de réciter le Rosaire, qui est restée la L’ histoire du Rosaire montre comment cette prière a été utilisée.

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Mystères glorieux

In other places, the Rosary begins with the recitation of the Creed, as if to make the profession of faith the basis of the contemplative journey about to be undertaken. At one time this prayer was particularly dear to Christian families, and it certainly brought them closer together.

Apart from the signal defeat of the Albigensian heretics at the battle of Muret in which legend has attributed to the recitation of the Rosary by St. Indulgences were granted for the good work that was thus being done and the documents conceding these indulgences accepted and repeated, as was natural in that uncritical age, the historical data which had been inspired by Alan’s writings and which were submitted according to the usual practice by the promoters of the confraternities themselves.

Contemplating the Risen One, Christians rediscover the reasons for their own faith cf. In the like sentiments of profound respect and congratulation with the angel, we style her, Full of grace. Elizabeth, Blessed art thou amongst women. In like manner the praises we address to Mary in the rosairf salutation are reflected in the first place on her divine Son, from whom, and by whom alone she is entitled to them; for it is for his gifts and graces, and for his sake, that we coomment and honour her.

By this mention of our quality of sinners, we sufficiently express what it is that we beg of God; namely, the grace of a perfect repentance, the remission of all our sins, and strength to resist all temptations to sin. To recite the Rosary is nothing other than to contemplate with Mary the face of Christ.


The timeliness of this proposal is evident from a number of considerations. Further, since the recitation of the Psalms divided into fifties was, as innumerable documents attest, the favourite form of devotion for religious and learned persons, so those who were simple or much occupied lovedby the repetition of fifty, a hundred, or a hundred and fifty were salutations of Our Ladyto feel that they recitter imitating the practice of God’s more exalted servants.

Not only does God have a divine heart, rich in mercy and in forgiveness, but also a human heart, capable of all the stirrings of affection. The use of the prayer-knots or prayer-beads originated from the fact that monksaccording to the rule of St. In this way it fills with prayer the days of many a contemplative, or keeps company with the sick and the elderly who have cokment time at their disposal.

In effect, the Rosary is simply a method of contemplation. Erimannus, in the twelfth age, mentions a lady who recited every day sixty angelical salutations.

The Rosary has many times been proposed by my predecessors and myself as a prayer for peace. The basis for this power of prayer is the goodness of the Father, refiter also the mediation of Christ himself cf.

Le Rosaire Vivant

The most holy and glorious name of Jesus which is added to this doxology, is a name of unspeakable sweetness and grace; a name most comfortable and delightful to every loving soul, terrible to the wicked spirits, and adorable with respect to all creatures; so that at its very sound every knee, in heaven, earth, and hell shall bend, and every creature be filled with religious awe, and profound veneration and respect.

The Rosary is situated within this broad gamut of religious phenomena, but it is distinguished by characteristics of its own which correspond to specifically Christian requirements. Yet they can also take on a symbolism which can give added depth to contemplation. Robert Appleton Company, The Rosary, reclaimed in its full meaning, goes to the very heart of Christian life; it offers a familiar yet fruitful spiritual and educational opportunity for personal contemplation, the formation of the People of God, and the new evangelization.


This becomes apparent in the Liturgy.


First, the urgent need to counter a certain crisis of the Rosary, which in the present historical and theological context can risk being wrongly devalued, and therefore no longer taught to the younger generation.

The sequence of meditations begins with Gethsemane, where Christ experiences a moment of great anguish commsnt the will of the Father, against which the weakness of the flesh would rosaier tempted to rebel.

In almost all countries, then, we meet with something in the nature of prayer-counters or rosary beads. In the spiritual journey of the Rosary, based on the constant contemplation — in Mary’s company — of the face of Christ, this demanding ideal of being conformed to him is pursued through an association which could be described in terms of friendship. The same applies to non-liturgical prayer. With what humility ought we, worms of the earth and base sinners, to address her in the rosaure salutation!

Principi e orientamenti 17 December, Vatican City, The eyes of her heart already turned to him at the Annunciation, when she conceived him by the power of the Holy Spirit. The custom of reciting prayers upon a string with knots or beads thereon at regular intervals has come down from the early days of Christianityand is still practised in the Eastern as well as in the Western Church.

Yet when the Hail Mary is properly understood, we come to see rosaige that its Marian character is not opposed to its Christological character, but that it actually emphasizes and increases it.