Confluence Markup Cheat Sheet from tgdchmi2. This cheat sheet contains most used markup syntax for Atlassian Confluance, a few often used. Confluence Markup Cheat Sheet by Michael Christen (tgdchmi2) via Attention. (1) . Markup (Wiki Syntax). {quote} Multiple-line quote {quote}. Colored text, {color:green}Colored text{color}. Underlined (inserted) text, +Underlined (inserted) text+. Deleted text, -Deleted.

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Confluence Support

A second level of hashes will produce a sub-list, such as the alphabetical sub-list shown below. Use the hash to create numbered lists.

The [] around external links are optional in the case you do not want to use any alias for the link. To italicize parts of a word, add braces curly brackets around the underscore. Users can click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized image.

Uses a fully qualified URL. There are two ways to make superscripts work, when used directly after another word or character: The keyboard shortcuts are broken up into 3 categories: Find the keyboard shortcuts To open the list of keyboard shortcuts in Confluence, do any of the following: Yes No It wasn’t accurate.


The width of the border this panel uses bgColor: What you need to type What you’ll get ssheet. If you wish to use multiple consecutive line breaks, each should be separated by a space character. Text with superscript Hint: Wiki markup allows you to create bulleted or numbered lists, and is flexible enough to allow a combination of the two list types.

Specifies the height of the image in pixels. An image file attached to a blog post is displayed.

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A list item with -several lines create a single list. Make sure magkup a sjeet between the hyphen and your text. In numbered lists as described above, the format of the ‘number’ displayed at each list level may be different, depending upon your browser and the style sheets installed on your Confluence instance.

Title of the panel borderStyle: To create a horizontal line across the width of your page or content block, type four dashes like this: Creates a line break. If you wish to style the div and its contents, override the “embeddedObject” CSS class.

Insert a thumbnail of the image into the page only works with images that are mrkup to the page. Creates a download link to a file on your computer or on a network share that you have mapped to a drive.


clu2’s notes: Confluence Wiki Markup Langauge cheat sheet

Take some time to open the dialog and take a look at the shortcuts, and maybe find some you’ll use a lot. You can then create links directly to that anchor. Wki an object in a page, taking in a comma-separated of properties. For each subsequent level, add an extra asterisk. In wiki markup, a paragraph is a continuous line of text ending in two carriage returns.

A link to a file on your computer or on a network share that you have mapped to a drive.

Confluence Markup – Atlassian Documentation

And a second sub-list point. The background color of the title section of this panel Example: Use the hyphen – to create simple lists with square bullets. An image file attached to the page is displayed. This only works on Internet Explorer.

Wiki markup is useful when you want to shheet one of the following: You can even go with any kind of mixed nested lists Example: