BM2 file or convert a BM2 file to another file format. Some BM2 files may be Boardmaker Interactive Board files instead of graphic files. Download Bullzip PDF Printer, CutePDF or PDF Printer for Windows. All PDF printers perform the same task. Double-click the installer file to set. convert boardmaker files. Hi there, I bought a new printer and my old friend boardmaker does not print now. My printer is canon bjc

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What Is Geocoding Issues? When the file has uploaded, you will be returned to the Upload Your Activities page.

They want to limit distribution of their copyrighted materials. Are you sure to choose it as the best answer? Yes I found this article helpful. Official Rep Brad Employee.

Can you be more specific?

How to Convert Boardmaker to PDF |

I wonder why you didn’t recommend it in that thread? What version of Boardmaker are you using? Read and review the Microsoft license agreement and terms With Studio are we limited to using the PCS exactly as they are – no changes allowed? Click the green arrow icon on the top-left corner of Select the applicable check box es to select the grade level s for the activity.


The Upload Your Activities page will open. Click on the “Microsoft Add-On Component”.

Enter some keywords in the Tags text box to be used to describe the activity to other users. I would think you would still have to own Boardmaker to save files as a pdf. If you enter more than one tag, then enter a commato separate them. Too poor to buy my own color printer right now. Open Boardmaker goardmaker open the file you want to convert to PDF.

Digital multimeter appears to have measured voltages lower than expected. Create a new topic About this Question Advice a Prog like BoardMaker 7. I need to also print at work. However, there is software available that allows you to add an option boardmakee your Windows printers list that will save the board as a. Find answers Ask a question.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

The Upload Goardmaker dialog will open. If you have created activities using Boardmaker versions 5 or 6 or Boardmaker Studio, the activities you have created can be uploaded to Boardmaker Online.


The activity will upload. All Boardmaker Studio activities are single files. Select the Select button and search for the file that you want to upload. Official Rep November 14, New features is coming 1.

How to Convert Boardmaker to PDF – PDF Guide Q&A

For example, if the weight of the material is 2. I found this out through looking at the Slater Software- Picture It.

I understand copyright issues but wonder if Boardmaker will keep pace with convfrt on the iPad to allow files for such things as social stories that are made in Boardmaker to be put on the iPad.

Heat sinks, Part 2: Designate to whom you want the file to be available. The pics need to be boadmaker color for my students. Brad Employee October 02, Jennifer Gleason September 29, Jane F April 25,