The CopySafe PDF Reader is available as a free download to the public, them into library files that can be opened with the free CopySafe PDF Viewer. CopySafe PDF is the most secure solution for distributing copy protected PDF files and the only solution that can protect PDFs from all avenues. Our software library provides a free download of CopySafe PDF Reader The program lies within Office Tools, more precisely.

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The CopySafe PDF Reader can be redistributed with your project reaedr a download for your website or on disk with your reade. Imagine finding out that a user purchased your tutorial using a stolen credit card or bounced a check. Select the PDF file to protect 3. Re expense, have a look around and see if you can find a comparable PDF protection solution for less than 10 times the price of this one.

Added settings option to allow uploads by admin only. Prevent all copy including screenshots by Print Screen and screen capture software Prevent forwarding to other copysage and unauthorized distribution Set password protection that cannot be exploited or extracted Set expiry dates that cannot be exploited by turning back a computer clock Set expiration by days or hours, starting from the first time opened by that user Prevent printing altogether or allow only a limited number of prints Limit the number of views per user Distribute copy protected PDF by email, download or on disk Display copy protected PDF on your web pages Total control with immediate effect even on documents already downloaded.

DRM Readeer software is available for installation on your Windows server. Screen Reader Let you computer read to you Screen Reader makes text-to-speech easy rezder everyone -Keyboard hotkey and hover button available from any application -Visual speech progress lets you track what you hear -Use the list interface to skip regions of text Ccopysafe This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

If you have problems installing, email us from the copyssfe. Updated download pages to cater for lack of IE and Chrome plugin support. CopySafe PDF enables the choice of using either time server checks or local time checks in case users in the field have no Internet access.


Save settings page options altered for show in smaller screens. Updated download and support links. This is the only PDF protection app to be found copyafe that can be displayed from a web page and be safe from all copying.

Of course this is optional and expiration does not need to be set. Other apps claiming to be capable of preventing capture can only ever be an embarrassment because they are not preventing capture at all.

Documents converted by an unlicensed demo version copysate Protector will have a watermark applied.

CopySafe PDF Reader (free) download Windows version

The language used in the software GUI can be changed at any time and is independent of the language set for the computer. If you do not have any CopySafe PDF encrypted documents for testing, you can create your own by downloading the demo version of CopySafe PDF Protector software or by downloading use this test bundle which includes several sample documents. Otherwise you will find that this plugin works perfectly and that you can upload PDF created from the demo version of their software.

Tested and aproved for WordPress 3. After selecting a document you can then set copysaf security options to apply to the page such as:. Software upgrades are free when available.

Preventing forwarding and unauthorized distribution rights protection The only way to prevent the unauthorized use of documents is by employing document rights management DRM and the only way to employ DRM reaser cannot be exploited is by using ArtistScope DRM.

CopySafe PDF is very simple to use and can be used by anyone with little to no skill at all. The original installer as provided in the free download must be used for it to function properly. In fact it is the only secure PDF reader that can provide protection from all copy, be distributed on disk while protected from sharing and copydafe to provide a protected display from web pages.

In order to achieve the same, the Free Live Stock Ticker is Optional password protection A password can be set at ccopysafe time encryption to prevent unauthorized distribution. You can also password protect or set expiration.

Copy Protection for PDF Documents

Added ASPS as a browser requirement in settings. CopySafe PDF provides the most secure document protection on the planet. Note that to use copysqfe feature the document needs to be converted for DRM control not just copy protection and has no effect on documents until they are closed. Donate Would you like to support the advancement of this plugin?


Support Issues resolved in last two months: Donate to this plugin.

Protect PDF documents from all methods of copy and reproduction with the help of this neat and lightweight file security utility. After selecting a document you can then set the security options to apply to the page such as: Otherwise you will find that this plugin works perfectly and copysafw you can also upload PDF created from the demo version of their software.

Yes, this WordPress plugin is provided for free, and yes you need the Copysafe PDF software to take advantage of proper protection.

Copysafe PDF Protector 2.0

In fact, when comparing CopySafe PDF to other “PDF protection”, one will wonder why they bother mentioning “copy protection” at all when theirs is only superficial.

Loading a file in the environment can be done by using either the file browser or ‘drag and drop’ method. Free Lit Reader Having the prices of stocks as a scroll on the computer screen can prove to be very handy to all those users who invest in the stock market. This plugin displays PDF created for use online and when domain lock is applied, the PDF file cannot be displayed from anywhere else.

This option is most useful for distributing documents on disk, enabling their expiration to sleep until the user first opens it, which can be any time in the future. Revised upload function to suit changes in WP 4.

A simple method of exploiting this technique is by turning back the computer’s clock, and as most document expiration is based on local time the user’s computer clock a better technique is by using an independent time check such as an online time server. Referrer user agent must be Shockwave Flash Referrer url must match with the same script name. PDF documents cannot be saved and displayed away from your website.