Verificación de carga en cortinas ancladas ubicadas en áreas de riesgo em tirantes de cortinas ancoradas executadas para eliminação de risco .. “Análise numérica do comportamento de cortinas atirantadas em solos”. More, J. Z. P. Análise Numérica do Comportamento de Cortinas Atirantadas em Solos 0DVWHUV ‘LVVHUWDWLRQ – Departamento de Engenharia Civil. Larissa Roedel’s 4 research works with reads, including: Manifestações Patológicas decorrentes em Solo Grampeado e Cortina Atirantada. Larissa.

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This atirantadws due to the fact that the curtain has three rows of tie rods, which impart a smaller variation on the forces on the soil structure. In addition, several of these structures present either losses or increases in work load on their tie rods, the values of which are often different from the loads incorporated at the times of the execution of the aitrantadas.

This increase in multiple cracks will allow aggressive agents to enter the interiors of the reinforced concrete slabs when the structures are subject to aggressive environments, which can cause increases in pathological manifestations throughout their service lives. The execution of anchored curtains, although old, is among the most modern containment methods.

Sanitary sewage and leachates originating from uncollected garbage enter the soil contained by the anchored curtains and directly infiltrate the curtain walls. Landslide susceptibilities in hazardous areas. Therefore, neither the elastic nor plastic behaviors of the soil change with increasing overload over time and although the atirxntadas zone between the two soil behaviors cannot be determined, one concludes that it also does not undergo significant changes.

On the hillsides of the city of Rio de Janeiro, where most of these containment constructions are located, poor communities grow, and informal residential properties are constructed.

The homogenization of the material parameters was only possible because the structures, which were built over a span of decades, employed the same technical specifications and executive processes developed by the Design Department of the GEO-RIO Foundation.

Although the FEM modeling employing the Plaxis 8. Anchored curtain hillside containment structures are reinforced concrete structures that have estimated service lives of 50 years.


Considering the uncontrolled growth in informal real estate uphill and surrounding these containment structures, soil contamination by aggressive agents such as sulfuric acid, which is highly corrosive to steel reinforcements, occurs in addition to increased overloads.

The implementation of hillside containment structures in poor communities is a response to public policies intended for atirantadss mitigation on hillsides, urbanization, and improvements in accessibility and mobility for residents.

Over the years, the word has become synonymous with an abject housing reality.

Atorantadas discussion, including authors reply, will be published on the third number of if received before closing the second number of Because the modeling is two-dimensional, soil deformations occurring between the anchor lines perpendicular to the presented model are completely ignored.

Login to enter a peer comment or grade. Load check on anchored curtains located in geotechnical hazard areas in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

ENPortugal, Cortjnas Materials Journal, v. Over time, these anchored curtain hillside containment structures suffer increases in overload from the contained soil, which was not foreseen in the design, due to the increase in informal constructions in uphill areas with high geological-geotechnical risks and where most of the curtains in the scope of this analysis are located. Figure 6 Displacement of the anchored curtain after 50 years Plaxis.

cortina atirantada

Ckrtinas 3 Schematic representation of the finite element analysis Tschiptschin, They are basically composed of reinforced concrete panels with pile foundations that are anchored to the ground using prestressed steel tie rods and that support the vertical loads of the contained slopes. However, the distribution of this test, in addition to being random, may increase when the results of the initial tests demonstrate loss of load for tie rods in a certain region of the structures.

Tese de Doutorado, Eng. Therefore, the prediction of landslides and other geotechnical accidents has been gaining increasing importance in the geomorphological and geotechnical literature on the city.

Hazards, however, represent the possibility or probability of some damage to a population people, physical structures, and production atorantadas or to a segment of a population. High unemployment rates, informal growth, real estate speculation, a lack of housing policies for the low-income population and an unsatisfactory public transportation system are among the reasons for the growth of the favelas in the atiranyadas of Rio de Janeiro.


A large presence of pathological manifestations was found, indicating that the service lives of the anchored curtains are less than the minimum of 50 years after their execution. Veja e visite estes exemplos, ilustrados: Automatic update in These reinforced concrete structures are subjected to aggressive attacks by agents in the sanitary sewage originating from informal buildings and leachates from uncollected garbage, both of which cause pathological manifestations that decrease the service lives of these structures.

Residual load verification tests on anchored curtain tie rods must be performed every five years to obtain residual load values. Taking into account increases in overload due to the growth in construction uphill of these structures and the end of their service lives, a simulation was conducted using the Plaxis computational system to estimate the loads on the tie rods of 20 anchored curtains after 50 years.

cortina atirantada | Portuguese to English | Construction / Civil Engineering

Figure 4 Initial plasticity of the soil Plaxis. It has been verified that there is no plastification of the soil in the upper section of the panel.

In many cases, their presence can be perceived as they run down through the drains of the structure. Its primary advantage is its potential application without having to cut anything beyond that necessary.

Reservation of rights to exclusive use No. This is because increases in overload cause deformations and cracks in the concrete structures, which in turn serve as the main entrances for aggressive agents such as sulfuric acid from sewage uphill, which penetrate the structures through the ahirantadas ground.

SFs are evaluated as functions of reductions in soil resistance parameters by dividing the actual parameters by their respective estimated values and by then employing those evaluations to calculate the degree to which soil resistance is mobilized.

The anchoring bulb is modeled using one element per meter having only axial stiffness, which is denominated in Plaxis as a “geogrid”.