Nombreux cours de chimie organique tout niveaux: réactions organiques, Autre cours sur les organométallique (cours remarquable et complet) new. cours de. Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de Reims (ICMR – UMR CNRS) Chimie organométallique asymétrique, glycochimie. (Prof. . Projets en cours. Nanosciences Moléculaires et Catalyse Université de Bordeaux, Cours de la Libération, Talence Cedex, Chimie Organométallique et Catalyse.

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The project is intended to exploit the potential of functionalised arene-ruthenium complexes in mainly two fields: TherrienActa Cryst. Electrolyse de l’eau 4.

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Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicityT. Titanium and zirconium hydride-Catalysed isomerisation of non-conjugated to conjugated dienes. Interesting organomehallique structures with unpredicted bonding modes of the ligandsG. The nano-materials part implies the synthesis of multi-functionalised arene-ruthenium building blocks which will be used in the preparation of more elaborated architectures such as polymers, dendrimers, squares, grids or capsules.

Consequently, this project intends to develop new metalla-cages using the non-toxic iron metal centres instead of ruthenium and to evaluate the possibility to utilise these metalla-cages as drug carriers. Synthesis and molecular structure of arene ruthenium complexes containing trichlorostannyl ligandsB. Synthesis and structure of thiolato-bridged diruthenium cationsM. Ward, Angewandte Chemie Int.


E E67, m Rechercher sur le site courant Annuaire. Coloration de flamme 7. The synthesis of these new metalla-prismatic compounds have opened a wide perspective for bio- and nano-applications and therefore this research project intends to exploit the potential of arene ruthenium moieties in self-assemblies in order to design nano-structured molecules such as supramolecular squares and rectangles, chiral triangular prisms and supramolecular host-guest systems.

Determination of the relative configuration and conformational analysis of five—membered N-Acyl-iminosugars by relevant 3J coupling constantsLeNouen, D. Carmen Claver and Beatriz Alonso Reverte, cokrs Coloration de flamme 7.

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organometsllique Rao, Polyhedron 29 A chiral probe of the intact cluster catalysis conceptL. A reusable hydrogenation catalyst for benzene and tolueneG.

Imprimer Haut de page. When systems containing ruthenium atoms in a two-dimensional fashion are relatively common, three-dimensional structures incorporating ruthenium atoms are scarce. Kim, Gajendra Gupta and I. Rao, Journal of Molecular Structures Authored books – D.

Nanoscience Makes Catalysis Greener. Illustration d’ondes stationnaires 8. Synthesis, molecular structure and catalytic oxidation properties in aqueous solutionT. A selective access to chimirJoseph, J. TherrienOgranometallique26 Chem Synthesis, characterization and molecular Structures. Isolation and organomtallique of a new di-n-butyl derivative presenting a Sn 3 O 3 coreL.

So far, the research on arene-ruthenium complexes has been mainly concentrated around ligands directly attached to the ruthenium atom, the arene moiety playing only a minor role. Explosion de l’azoture d’argent 2. Rao, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry — Utilization of different methods for the characterization of organic compounds: Boxes full of surprisesB. Kim, New Journal of Chemistry, 37 Hagen, Organometallics24 Astruc, ChemMedChem6 This interdisciplinary research project is based around the development of arene-ruthenium complexes.


Luminescence du luminol A highly active and reusable copper I -tren catalyst for the click 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of azides and alkynes. So far, the metal of choice to prepare these discrete nano-carriers is not totally innocent. Mohan Rao, Polyhedron, 28, A second-generation ferrocene-iminosugar hybrid with improved fucosidase binding propertiesHottin, A. Therefore, introducing functionalised moieties to the coordinated arene ligand opens the door to the generation of new organometalliqye which can be used for various applications.

Organometallic Chemistry at the Nanoscale: Prasad, Gajendra Gupta, A. Syntheses and spectral studies.

Chem,16, 7 dedicated to Bianka TchoubarEditor: TherrienChemistry, Eur. Autoinflammation du phosphore blanc As biological active compounds and as building block in the construction of nano-materials.