KELDENT® xanthan gum is the most versatile and easy-to-use of the available. The composition of KELTROL xanthan gum produced by commercial. The KELZAN® xanthan gum line of industrial products can be used to modify.

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Its pectin, gellan gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan and cellulose gum products are used for thickening, stabilization and suspension in a range of popular products including dairy goods, beverages, condiments and bakery items.

Related Articles Business News Allulose advance: Its ingredients can also create extra body in a beverage, moisture in a bakery item, cling in a sauce and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel in a dessert.

The on-trend ingredient is 70 percent as sweet as sugar and helps manufacturers reduce sucrose in their recipes and develop reduced-calorie food and beverages to meet growing consumer demand.

CP Kelco raises pectin and xanthan gum prices

The move seeks to optimize customer experience, streamline the supply chain and create a platform to generate sustainable growth through a select group of committed channel partners, according to Cargill. Symrise adopts a new approach for alternative protein sources. Food Ingredients News CP Kelco to expand pectin production capacity at Denmark plant 28 Nov Producer of specialty hydrocolloid ingredients, CP Kelco, is set to expand xaanthan production capacity at its Lille Skensved, Denmark, facility by approximately 15 percent, in anticipation of continuing growing global demand.


Carrageenan allows formulators to create textures ranging from free-flowing liquids to solid gels. Widely used for thickening and stabilizing. Provides emulsion and foam stabilization, heat and pH stability, texture, creaminess and smoothness in a wide range of full-fat and low-fat applications.

CP Kelco Xanthan Gum Receives US EPA Design for Environment Registration

Due to its well-developed water-binding properties and texturizing characteristics the insoluble fiber offers a lot of various additional benefits in food products, xnthan meat alternatives. Corbion targets Asian confectionery with malic acid coating for humid climates.

Food Ingredients News Plant-based opportunity? Gold Coast Ingredients opens new S. Business News Growth in biogums: To contact our editorial team please email us at melco cnsmedia.

These products are most often used for viscosity modification, thickening, suspension, stabilization and gelation. Dp leading international publisher on food ingredients and food product development. CP Kelco pectin is made primarily from citrus peel and sugar beets. Clear options can steer consumers towards more environmentally friendly food choices.

CP Kelco Xanthan Gum Receives US EPA Design for Environment Registration

Tropextrakt adds calamansi citrus variety to its ingredients range. Symrise adopts a new approach for alternative protein sources Corbion targets Asian confectionery with malic acid coating for humid climates Plant-based expansion: Brexit gu, unique opportunity to redesign agri-environment schemes, claim academics Top ten trends: An organic potato fiber solution.

An unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and customer service sets CP Kelco apart from other ingredient suppliers.

CP Kelco is a global leader in the production of specialty hydrocolloids. At HiEwhich finishes today in Frankfurt, the company is presenting Agenafiber amid the strong rise of a high fiber fortification trend.


CP Kelco raises pectin and xanthan gum prices

The investment will enhance market supply by and is focused on fum production of low methyl ester LM pectin, which is ideally suited for popular products such as ambient drinking yogurts, jams, jellies and fruit preparations. Unilever acquires meat alternative innovator The Vegetarian Butcher. Brexit provides unique opportunity to redesign agri-environment schemes, claim academics.

CP Kelco gives food and beverage manufacturers the tools to create products that consumers around the world need and want. CP Kelco expands capacity at Chinese and Oklahoma plants 20 Nov Hydrocolloid solutions supplier CP Kelco has announced plans to invest in building capabilities and expand production capacity for several key products. Products bearing the DfE logo signify to the consumer that these products and ingredients can help protect the environment and are safer for families.

CP Kelco operates its worldwide guj of manufacturing facilities with a single quality standard to ensure consistent, defect-free, high performance food ingredients that meet xatnhan most stringent food quality requirements.