Darkover Landfall (Darkover) [Marion Zimmer Bradley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Darkover Landfall () is a somewhat routine adventure (with a good dose of social commentary) which, according to internal chronology. When a Terran ship crashed on Darkover, many of the colonists and crew wished to stay and build an Earthlike society on the alien planet. They might be the.

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Gender idiocy aside, this was just a boring book. Shall I presume that the colonist-types are also the ones who want to roll back women’s lib? The engineering challenges alone are not even addressed. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!

The story in itself is not uninteresting, all the more since it’s THE origins book in the Darkover series, but the relationships Where in other novels I am able to accept that some people must die in order to keep the populace strong, in this one the idea leaves me sick to my stomach.

The term has been abandoned in technical literature for a long time, because a relatively non-judgemental technical meaning ‘forest-dwellers’ had come to have a pejorative connotation in general usage. It’s got aliens, orgies, Celts, and space opera qualities – all of the bullet points I enjoyed.

All domestic orders shipped protected in a Box. Once the Darkovans have forgotten their Terran heritage, I can also see them forgetting why eugenics got such a bad rap.

Their society needed every baby in order to continue to exist. I can only assume Bradley knocked this together after pressure from her publisher, possibly whilst bored and stuck at an airport for nine hours.

The Deep State is a far easier phenomenon to understand if it were true than understanding all the motives of the individuals and factions of government that exert influences on the institutions that affect us. I am willing to try one of her better novels. The character sexism is well within the realm of satire, but the narrative itself seems to support the idea that all that inconvenient female talk about equal rights will vanish if the women can just have enough babies.


I’m not sure I want to reread some of the other books in the series, especially Thendara House.

Aug 17, Nancy King rated it really liked it. They make what was otherwise a great story painful. They’re all surface, no depth to them, she’s incredibly inconsistent not just between books but within darover single manuscript, her darkovre are boring, and if you’re going to use telepathy in a book, then probably best dariover not also put the character’s non-audible thoughts in italics as well.

And yet there is one thing that will be a huge detriment to many people considering this book: As for me, this one goes in the dustbin. But then a man explains to this woman that her unwillingness to bear a child is a mental illness! But yes, I do tend to be put off my lengthy rants and digressions. Until you remember what happened next in history.

Because what else am I going to call people who patronize women endlessly, in that world? It’s not even very smart. Contains some markings such as highlighting and writing. And if so, how did it fail? Edges are slightly dirtied. Entiendo que la autora quisiera escribir sobre los comienzos para que luego darkovet des Muy muy flojo.

Darkover Landfall

Two thirds into this book and I’m setting it down for good. Time Traveler Books Published: Maybe even if it isn’t. May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. There are specific critisims of this book. The seeds are sewn for the world that will become Darkover. Please try again later. But many of her stories have something, some kind of thorny complexity that really brings her worlds to life.


Much of her political and social thinking is outrageous from my point of view. Coming to this after Thendara House was a bit of a letdown for me. The author has to realistically figure out how the marooned characters are going to set up society in the absence of all controls and influences, thus realistically answering philosophical questions on the nature of people and their moral natures, and then convincingly portray the consequences.

Darkover Landfall · Marion Zimmer Bradley · Könyv · Moly

The first book of the Darkover Series! What happens when a group of highly skilled and educated humans get stranded on an uncharted, seemingly inhospitable planet? And were the ‘Darkovan’ horses genetically compatible with off-planet horses? It must be contained somehow, let’s hope securely.

MZB’s Darkover coming as Amazon series. Hand-in-hand with this is a fantasy of escape Perhaps even more so than in ‘normal’ situations. In line with darkovee, Landfall is mainly concerned with the exploration of various themes, whilst the characters remain superficially drawn.

Is it sexism, Bradley seems to be asking, or something? What makes Biblio different?

Book Review: Darkover Landfall, Marion Zimmer Bradley (1972)

It’s somewhat explicable in the sense that the involuntary colonists CAN’T maintain the mechanisms they brought with them–but the distaste they later evince is at least partly due to the prejudices of the ‘colonists’. I’m well aware of the scandal that’s emerged since Marion Zimmer Bradley’s death; but I loved this series when I was a kid, and so when I stumbled on an old paperback, I thought I’d revisit it. I do wish a good writer would re-write it lanfdall about more pages!