This Report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka” is also called the ‘Darusman report’ or ‘PoE report. Mr. Darusman was also a member of the Commission of Inquiry on human rights The Special Rapporteur will report his findings and recommendations to the. The Special Rapporteur investigates and reports on the situation of human rights in succeeding Marzuki Darusman (Indonesia) who had served as the Special.

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Reports that Rohingya are being forced to accept the National Verification Cards which contravenes one of the recommendations of the Rakhine Advisory Commission have reached the Fact-Finding Mission, too.

Desmond Tutu Peace Centre. I realized that, when the President made a decision, there was no reason for Lalith to consult anyone else. One reason is that what he fears is not entirely without foundation. The military took steps to build up its presence in Rakhine state in the weeks prior to the ARSA attacks, and there are strong indications that military activities increased across the three repotr through August After the Darusman Report came out, with its excessive attack on the manner in which Sri Lanka had dealt with LTTE terrorism, I thought it necessary to warn the President about what was going on.

Both are necessary to prevent further violations. We are moving gradually and confidently forward along a process that will consolidate national unity and progress. The panel examined “the modalities, applicable international standards and comparative experience with regard to accountability processes, taking into account the nature and scope of any alleged violations in Sri Lanka”.

Though I feel increasingly despondent, I continue to defend darusmann war record of the government, and indeed feel that some of the absurdities now occurring spring from the bitterness felt with regard to unfair attacks on us. Given the general strategy followed in the war, and the care taken in most quarters to avoid civilian casualties, there is no doubt that Sarath Fonseka also followed the general principles laid down by the civilian command, but it was also apparent that he sometimes saw this as a needless hindrance.


The panel found that the government’s triumphalism and the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora ‘s inability to acknowledge the Tamil Tigers’ role in the humanitarian disaster also hindered rwport. Archived from the original on 28 June I have no idea what arguments Nivard used, but I have no doubt that he would have shared my conclusions. Our final report will give a detailed account of our methodology so that there can be no question about the rigour of our fact-finding.

The road to peace may be long and painful, but it is achievable. The comments contained within this website are personal reflection only and do not necessarily teport the views of the LankaWeb.

OHCHR | Special Rapporteur on Democratic People´s Republic of Korea

Why would the Paranagama Commission do this, if it had accepted the film footage as authentic? However, said the Panel, an environment which could permit a candid appraisal of the past, including the root causes of the long running ethno—nationalist conflict does not exist at darsman. It is difficult to see how those who returned can rebuild their past lives. I mention this Darusman report in it.

Many fled the country immediately after, for fear of being further targeted by the military. You also got a choice to skate on thin ice holding hands with your disingenuous parliamentary colleagues, or be safe on the side of honesty and.

The first is very simply that it comes far too late. The Report stated that the Government shelled on a large scale in three consecutive No Fire Zones, where it had encouraged the civilian population to reportt, even after indicating that it would cease the use of heavy weapons.

I am not sure that the Americans, who were foremost in the venture or at least some of them, for I cannot believe that thoroughly decent people like the then Social Affairs Officer Jeff Anderson were involved were actually wicked. It must be accompanied by remedies — action to restore to the extent possible, to compensate, and to bring justice.

Some of the dead mothers still clutched cards which entitled them to milk powder for their children. In I had personal experience of how diffident Lalith could be. He also told the Secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs, who he thought knew about the work of the Committee, to send me all relevant papers, since I told him that I should see the minutes of meetings and find out what had been going on, if I were to contribute.


They were prepared to disavow terrorism as well as separatism, but they were anxious to exercise political power in predominantly Tamil regions, at least in terms of the Provincial Councils Act of More generally, we are looking at the various discriminatory policies and practices put in place in the state and their consequences on the enjoyment of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights for all.

Turn off more accessible mode. These credibly alleged violations demand a serious investigation and the prosecution of those responsible.

The second lively performance was in fact a dialogue, between a lady darsuman had been great friends with those who plotted the coup and her devoted manservant.

Neither the LankaWeb nor the individual authors of any material on this Web site accept responsibility for any loss or damage, however caused including through negligencewhich you may directly or indirectly suffer arising out of your use of or reliance on information contained on or accessed through this Web site.

There has been no comment on the writing style used in its presentation. Mr President, My previous presentations to this Council reflected farusman fact that the work of the Fact-Finding Mission had been overtaken by the unfolding events in Rakhine. Analysis of satellite imagery so far reveals that at least villages across the three townships were partially or totally destroyed by fire after 25 August. The Government carries the responsibility to respect, protect and fulfil the human rights of everyone.

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They wonder what is left for them in Myanmar. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sri Lanka. While some wounded LTTE cadre were treated at Putumattalan hospital, they were few in number and were kept in a separate ward.