3, Request technical support. Reports. Export Namespace. See Also Inheritance Hierarchy. The namespace contains the Text export classes. The namespace contains the class which gives control over the HTML output of the report.

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How do you export an report while using ActiveReports Ask Question. Optimizing your report for exporting to Excel: Activereporgs I go Me. I want the user to be able to choose to export the report and then be given the option of choosing the format and location where they want to save the report to.

The Print method is implemented as an extension method of the PrintExtension. The Toolbar is now a Windows ToolStrip. Email Required, but never shown. ActiveReport class is now called SectionReport.

Namespace (port)

Post as a guest Name. Attempting to make the height of the two controls similar will often times lead to a cleaner looking output in Excel. Silverlight is now GrapeCity. I’ve been looking at many tutorials but there is always something that makes it unable to work in my program. Another forum here doesn’t add the export to the toolbar and instead inserts it directly into the code but I’m not sure what to import to allow me to do it this way as my project doesn’t recognize ActiveReportsPDFExport.

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Hope this helps, Scott Willeke GrapeCity. Drop down the table below to see some of the most commonly used classes that are in new namespaces. Just follow along in the instructions here. Enumeration Description FileFormat An enumeration of values which specify the file format that the expport file should support. XlsExport Request technical support DataDynamics.

ActiveReports / ActiveReports v3-6 Forum

Sign up using Facebook. To show this control in Visual Studio, open the GrapeCity. You need to either add the Viewer control or manually add the reference to this assembly. For example, changing a property value in one thread while an Export method is running in a separate thread could yield unexpected results. You can activereplrts this file in a path like the following.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Object, ByVal e As System.

ActiveReports / ActiveReports v7+ Forum

Not sure if I understand, but when you’ve got the form open in the designer, just try doubleclicking on the button and it should add the click handler datadynamicss. XlsExportException The exception that is thrown for general exceptions that occur in the ActiveReports.

When you upgrade reports from previous versions of ActiveReports or Data Dynamics Reports, there are several breaking changes. This is called at the end of my function which opens the active report. Similarly if you want two controls to be in the same row when exported to Excel, you should make sure that the two controls have exactly the same Top value, that their font is the same, and that their width is similar if not the same.


PaperColor property has been removed. The exception that is thrown for general exceptions that occur in the ActiveReports. I also tried datadynamics.

I added a button but I am unable to set the caption or the onClick event. I found code that can export, hypothetically, Me. Using the Activeeports object’s drawing methods to draw anything in the margin areas of the export will cause pagination problems.

Specifically, it’s the datadgnamics they add ‘cmdExport’ that lets the user start the export. It may also help to ensure that the font of the two controls is the same. All rights reserved Support Forum. They access it with Me. Scott Willeke 6, 1 26 Right now I have the report opening fine and it is allowing the user to print, copy, find, etc.

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